Halloween pumpkins 2014 – celebrity style

I am worn out. Emotionally, physically, mentally. And I’ve come down with a cold. Ahhhh-choo. There are no words left … they’ve been all funneled into texts and blogs and emails. So I bring you … celebrities and their children posing in pumpkin patches in preparation for Halloween 2014.

My kids can’t wait to go trick or treating on Friday afternoon. The eldest is dressing up as an elf from Lord of The Rings, we’ve purchased a gold-chain-head-jewellery thingy on ebay, she got elf ears from a party shop, she’ll wear an old maternity dress of mine that has suitably elf-like sleeves and we got a cool dangly gold belt at our local Vinnies yesterday; the youngest is going as a zombie pirate – she’s hilariously proud of herself in the get-up.

Have a lovely Sunday … I’m planning on making mine divine … with the assistance of Codral.


Teresa Palmer:Pumpkin pickin @likemark #firsthalloween”


Tammin Sursok: “It’s fall pumpkin patch time!!!”


Tiffany Thiessen: “I got it Mom I got it” #happyhalloween


Jessica Alba: some pretty amazing carving skills are on display at her house.


Kendra Wilkinson: “My life.”


Jenny McCarthy: “Getting ready for Halloween.”


Vanessa & Nick Lachey: “My lil punkin’ pickin’ his pumpkin! #UnderwoodFamilyFarm.”


Tia Mowry: “Someone’s ready for Halloween!”


Heidi Montag: “My Pumpkin!”


Amber Rose.


Hilaria Baldwin (wife of Alec): “Sharing is caring.”

Actually Hilaria went all out …



Do you celebrate Halloween or let your kids trick or treat?

Song of the day: Eddie Vedder & Tim Finn “Stuff & Nonsense”

(This song makes my eyes leak. Did I mention I also have PMT?)

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