The hermit emerges

How was your weekend? Mine was all over the place, literally and figuratively. Actually, on the literal front I was mainly on the road to DD’s place. It’s a pity I didn’t earn Frequent Flyer points each time I drove the 40 minutes north over the Christmas break – I’d have enough for free flights […]

This is what it looks like

My daughter was supposed to be coming home from a family holiday today, but it’s too dangerous. She’s staying at her paternal grandparents’ house in Albury with her dad. He thought he’d attempt to drive back this morning, but changed his mind yesterday afternoon. When you see the bushfire map of NSW it’s not hard […]

How would you rate 2019?

Just before Christmas, I was midway through a moan about life to my hairdresser when he held up his hand and said: “Stop, that’s enough. I’ve spent the past few weeks listening to people moan all day and I can’t deal with it any more.” Oh! OK … “Let’s find something funny to talk about […]

Popping corks and paella salad

How was your New Year’s Eve? Mine was lovely and relaxed, spent on my sister’s deck with a glass of wine in my hand. I feel a little guilty saying that when so many people spent the night fighting bushfires or huddling in evacuation centres and on beaches to escape the flames. I shed tears […]

Ticking all the wrong boxes

Ah, New Year’s Eve … that delusional time of year when everyone resolves to eat less food and guzzle less booze. Me included … yet again. I have an additional motivator for abstinence in 2020 – I’ve been consulting with Dr Google and he says I’m too fat. Well, he didn’t say those exact words, […]

It’s hard to stop

I’ve done very little over the Christmas break and it’s been oddly exhausting. On Boxing Day I was so knackered I spent the morning lying cactus on the sofa, alternately reading, snoozing and eating rocky road. It took forever to haul myself to a standing position. I’m thinking it’s because normal life is so go, […]

Chucking the gifts in the bin

Wishing people a ‘Merry Christmas’ is a bit fraught these days. It presumes that everyone celebrates Christmas when not everyone does. It’s also not necessarily a happy time for people who are grieving or lonely. But I’ve enjoyed having friends and strangers wish me ‘Merry Christmas’ on my morning walks. It’s knocked some of the […]

All I can see is her face

I got an email yesterday that shocked me The White Island volcano tragedy has been hurting my heart since the news first broke. I was particularly saddened to hear about the loss of a family in a nearby suburb, whose daughter went to the same school as mine. When the photos of the parents were […]

I never see them

My lip trembled slightly when I got the news that my computer was fried, but I didn’t wake feeling too desolate yesterday. I put my Gen X big girl pants on and got cracking. I was relieved to hear that my new mortgage had settled, my boss bought everyone Chargrill Charlie’s for lunch to celebrate […]

Trapped in the escape room

This year feels like a very long escape room session, filled with problems that constantly need to be solved. The latest one: it seems the surge protector on my computer was blown by a recent storm, so it wasn’t protected when my faulty washing machine blacked out the house. Bottom line: I need a new […]