Taking my mind off my woes … monster style

February hasn’t been terribly kind to me over the last three years. While I had the most gorgeous time earlier in the month on holidays with DD, things have gone a little pear-shaped towards the end.

I’ve been very wobbly over the past few days. But I’ll claw my way back, I always do.

It was a wonderful – and much needed – breath of fun to head to a party to celebrate the DVD launch of Hotel Transylvania 2 yesterday. While the eldest was a mite too old for the festivities, the youngest had an absolute ball (after initially pretending it was lame) and refused to leave until the very end.

The party was held at the Travelodge in Wentworth St, Sydney.

I don’t know what the youngest was thinking when she dressed up as a zombie bride for the party, but she shrieked with horror when I pulled up about 20 metres away from the hotel and parked the car.

She was NOT happy about walking those 20 metres in costume …

However, her eyes went all glassy like someone who’d joined a cult when we got inside. Ooooooh, bubbles! Ooooooh, party games! Ooooooh, cake pops! Oooooooh, face painting!

Meanwhile, the eldest sat in the corner doing her best emo impression while fiddling on her phone.

And I met the loveliest fellow blogger, Josie from Josie’s Juice (a fellow celebrity obsessive, among other more noble pursuits).

Talking to Josie while we watched our kids enjoy themselves was a great boost.

I also get the most intense feeling of joy when I take (what I think is) a good photograph … I’ll kick off with the one I’m still buzzing about, with a few more cool shots from the party …


What picks you up when you’re down?

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