It feels like I’ve lost a friend


I was shocked when I checked my Facebook feed yesterday and saw a post announcing the passing of Pinky Poinker.

Pinky Poinker was the alias of one of my favourite bloggers.

Michelle (aka Pinky) announced:

Pinky is Dead! R.I.P.

Three years ago I brought that little minx, Pinky Poinker to life. Now I have killed her. I strangled her with a string of unnecessary adverbs until she drew her last pitiful breath. Her last gasping words were, “It’s too fudging hot here, you bastards!”

Thank you to all of you who have suffered through the pointless and inane drivel for so long. Three years actually.

I apologise to my kids and ‘friends’ whom I may have annoyed,
especially by writing words like ‘whom’.
All photos and derogatory words have been deleted. You can’t sue me now!
All the bad jokes and pathetic attempt at humour are floating around in the expanse of dark matter.
Pinky is dead, deceased, derailed and defunct. Byeeeee xxx

It was totally out of the blue and it was surprising how much it knocked me for a six.

I hoped there would be a farewell blog at, but no, the whole site has shut down.

While Michelle hasn’t offered an explanation for why she’s pulled the plug, I suspect it’s all about a new start. She’s moving from northern to southern Queensland soon.

I wish her the very, very best. She’s a top chick and an awesome, hilarious write.

But her announcement has caused me to do a little navel gazing about my blog (sigh, again) and whether I’d ever be able to just STOP one day without fanfare.

Because geez the blog has been weighing me down this week.

I know it feels like I talk about absolutely EVERYTHING at HouseGoesHome, but I don’t. There’s stuff that plays out away from here.

Warning: I’m about to get all ooky kooky. Some will follow, most will not.

Talking about my lovely holiday has let Prisoner Zero escape through the crack in my wall and infiltrate my dreams.

Prisoner Zero has no place in my dreams.

But I have no control over who reads my blog.

I don’t want silence to fall.

I love writing my daily posts, but it taints the joy when they’re being read by someone who’d be prepared to let the whole world burn with them rather than surrender and save it.

Does that mean I have to be the one to surrender instead?

I don’t know. I really don’t.

But it’s not much fun when something with very sharp teeth is lurking in the corner of my eye.

Song of the day: The Fray “Where did I go wrong?”








18 thoughts on “It feels like I’ve lost a friend

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  1. Pinky’s “passing” floored me too. Very unexpected. And none of your readers want you to disappear as suddenly!

    1. Thank you Jacqui, unlike Pinky I’m sure you’ll have to put up with lots of angsting along the way. I’m very good at the angst, you’d swear I was Catholic.

  2. While I hardly comment, I do read your blog daily and love how you write. Oh No – Pinky Poinker is gone – that’s no good. I loved reading her blog too. If you find out she has started a new blog please would you make an announcement here in case I don’t find out.
    I used to blog – daily (most of the time) – and then it all got too hard and I stopped. I felt like I had nothing to say. Since then I have found out I must have had plenty to say because I’ve had people asking me when I’m going to start blogging again but I’ve had a very on again off again relationship with all things social media related and I just can’t bring myself to the point of putting in the effort only to drop the ball on a blog again.
    I hope that whatever is happening in your life will be resolved in a way that allows you to keep blogging. Sometimes it’s hard – I used to blog for me and said stuff anyone who doesn’t like what I say – I’m not forcing them to read my blog but I get that if other are going to get hurt, it’s different. Know that we are here reading as long as you are writing !!
    Have the best week you can xox

    1. It’s funny how many people Pinky and I have in common. I’m so glad that some of her followers enjoy my writing and vice versa. I didn’t realise you were a blogger, Me. And some days it feels like I have nothing to say, but I dredge something up. Sometimes I wonder though if I should stop kissing and telling. (Big, uncertain sigh)

  3. Oh no! I loved Pinky’s blog. It would make me laugh and feel good. I hope Michelle has a wonderful new start though.
    While I don’t follow the Prisoner Zero track, I do know what its like to be stalked and terrorised every day. This is also the reason I am so careful and limit use of social media etc.
    I sincerely hope that karma comes in spades to those whose sole purpose in life is to torment, control and destroy other people.

  4. I had a giggle at the beginning of this post, Alana. Pinky was such an attention-seeking tart she’d have loved this! There were several reasons I cut Pinky’s literary life dead. It had been coming for a while but when I went through all the posts she wrote (to remove images that weren’t hers… stolen images!) recently, it occurred to me that a lot of her ramblings were a huge pile of drivel. In a few months someone else will appear to take Pinky’s place. Someone a bit more mature but with an equal measure of whimsical eccentricity and underlying bitterness. You will recognise the subtle familiar nuances straight away I promise.

    I love reading your blog because it’s very real. You also write extremely well (being an ACTUAL journalist and all) and it’s the first thing I read online every day. I will continue to do so. Don’t mourn Pinky. It was quick and painless xxx

    1. I am another who felt like I had lost a great mate even though I had only met Pinky recently! Glad to read someone will replace her. Good luck with the move xoxo

    2. I was just so amazed by your steely resolve to cut the life support! There one day, no warning, gone the next. I really hope you do create a new blog because you are a wonderful writer.

  5. Vale Poinker.
    One of the few people that could put up with my idiot-syncratic commenting and avant-garde ramblings.
    Probably helped that she was as fictional as I was. Is. Am.

  6. Please don’t go Alana, fanfare or not you would be very missed.
    Take care of you and regardless of Prisoner Zero it is the time in your life that you should do what makes you happy, unless of course it is libellous. Write for you not for others

  7. Like Pinky said, your blog is one of the first things I read in the mornings and it would be very sad if it stopped forever, too!
    Meanwhile, I shall also look forward to Phoenix Pinky, rising from the ashes!

  8. I also hardly ever comment…but I read every day and love your writing too. I also go to your blog regularly and search for old recipes that are my favourites! I love how I discovered your blog as I breastfed in the middle of the night and now years later, I read on the bus stuck in traffic or now as I avoid cleaning my disaster of a house.

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