Things you can’t count on

I had a saucy little blog planned for you today but I’ve had to can it because it was based on me writing an out-there story for Kidspot … and they haven’t pressed the “publish” button on it yet.

I thought they had, but the link isn’t working, so I’m kinda in the lurch.

I had a back-up written, but it’s a bit too close to the bone for today. I need to get a bit of distance from it before I unleash it on the world.


Add to that two kids with throat infections, various angsty life twists and a few nights of horrible, horrible insomnia and I’m kinda out of puff.

The petrol is running low in the creative tank.

So you’ll have to wait until tomorrow for your mega dose of TMI.

Here’s a little teaser …


8 thoughts on “Things you can’t count on

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  1. Uhoh…that’s a knitted scarf, right?! 😳😉
    Hope life’s little twists are not too much of a challenge…remember to just breathe!

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