The joy of text

I resisted getting an iPhone. I clung to my ancient Blackberry because I liked having buttons to press. I hated the smeary iPhone screen and the way my fat fingertips always pressed the wrong keys. But mainly I’m hopeless with change. We were an Apple household, however, with a “cloud” containing an Apple TV, various […]

Guilt tripping

It was politely suggested during a pow-wow with the youngest’s teacher that she might be juggling too many after-school activities. Guilty as charged. The youngest is a pocket dynamo. Her average week looks like this: saxophone lessons, gymnastics, swimming lessons, netball training (in season, with game on Saturday), and two separate skipping sessions (double dutch […]

The icing on my cake

There’s so much icing in my life at the moment. The metaphorical stuff is a total buzz: just as sweet as the real thing, without being messy, calorie-laden or complicated. Yet. The sugary real stuff, on the other hand … There’s a vast, terrifying chasm between deciding you are going to make THIS for your […]

Chucking the happy pills

People sometimes ask me what HouseGoesHome was like in its early days: patchy quality; frequently bleak; poorly illustrated. I remember my mother-in-law nervously suggesting to my ex-husband that it was “a little dark.” Looking back, I ache for the woman who wrote those posts in that primordial blog swamp. She was a mess. For example, […]

My new second home

Sydney’s Northern Beaches are a funny old place. So near and yet so far from the city. Many moons ago, I yearned to buy a (vaguely affordable) beach pad, so I made the trek to Newport for an open house. About halfway there, mired in horror weekend traffic, I realised it was NEVER going to […]

My week: the universe sent the sweetest gift

Today is going to be tough. It’s something I can’t blog about … because there are certain things even the ultimate over-sharer knows aren’t appropriate for public consumption. Especially when it involves my kids. Anticipating this not-for-public-consumption event has contributed to my roller coaster of emotions over the past week. I’m not happy to be […]

Being the car crash

This is going to sound TERRIBLE, but I’m worried I’ve become dull lately. I was way more entertaining when I was ranting about the latest farking thing Husband had done or my crazy single exploits. Now I just waft around smiling and telling people how happy I am. Yawn. I know it sounds a little […]

I hate being a grown-up sometimes

When she was a little tyke, my sister was famous for her Indian war dances. She’d scream and stamp and fling herself around in furious circles. Being a three-year-old can be frustrating. Yesterday, I wanted to scream and stamp and fling myself around in furious circles. Being a 46-year-old can be frustrating. I’m blaming the […]

Have I betrayed womankind?

I can be a bit of a blokey chick. It leads to men say and do things around me that I sometimes find confronting. They forget I’m a delicate flower who’s learned to talk tough. It’s tricky, because it’s great that they feel so relaxed around me and treat me like one of the boys, […]

Plague House

These things are sent to try us … The youngest’s teacher has given her a journal for writing down her thoughts each day. It’s to help with her spelling/reading/grammar/everything. Yesterday’s entry included this tragi-comic line: “I had a goodish weekend because the good thing is I went to skolpcher by the sea and the bad […]