My new second home

Sydney’s Northern Beaches are a funny old place. So near and yet so far from the city.

Many moons ago, I yearned to buy a (vaguely affordable) beach pad, so I made the trek to Newport for an open house. About halfway there, mired in horror weekend traffic, I realised it was NEVER going to happen. Well, not until I retired or met a sugar daddy or something. That daily commute would destroy me.

But … I have to admit the place has its seductions, despite being filled with people who think thongs are dress shoes that belong on seats in restaurants and bars.

On the other hand, those laidback types do know their homewares (for example, my lovely ex-colleague Louise owns the amazing Table Tonic at Avalon) and how to put on a mighty fine market.

And there are some gorgeous looking restaurants and bars dotted on the penninsula. For example, I have a serious case of nibbles ache for the seafood tapas platter at The Mill wine bar. Mmmmmm …


I took my girls to the Avalon Market Day over the weekend. The “are we there yets” I endured from the backseat were quite something.

Despite all the whingeing getting there, during and on the way back, I think they had a great time.

It was HUGE. Around 300 stalls I think. There were all these yummy looking lunchy things on offer, but all I got to have were the leavings of the youngest’s gozleme, which she insisted on ordering then didn’t like. (I HATE waste. Something about starving Biafrans being drummed into me at the dinner table as a child.)

The youngest and her bestie Aggie went on the dodgems …


And scoffed Belgian chips with tomato sauce and plastic mayo …


And we watched a few songs by an amazing young band called Jester (check out their Facebook page here) before the eight-year-old’s whining drove me back into the market throng.


Aggie and I had a slight altercation when she wanted to buy a (live) pet mouse. I said no. She said “But it’s only $5 and I have the money”. I said no. She said it was her money and she should be able to buy anything she wanted with it. I said no.


She pouted.

I pointed out it wasn’t just $5, it would need a place to live and food and everything. She said she’d keep it in a shoebox. I said no.

Being twice her size, I eventually won.

The kids were pretty jazzed to see a stretch combi wedding van …


And a dog wearing a Hawaiian shirt and a straw hat, perched on the handlebars of a bicycle …


Later, after organic ice-blocks (pffft, hippies) we headed to the beach so the young ones could have a brisk, blustery splash (and more Belgian chips with plastic mayo, take THAT hippies) …


There are worse ways to spend an afternoon than giggling on the sand, gazing at the gorgeous ocean …

And something tells me I’ll be doing much more of it in the future …

Poor me.

How was your weekend? 

Song of the day: Roxy Music “Avalon”


4 thoughts on “My new second home

  1. Hmm you’ve got me wondering, has ex-hubby moved to the Northern Beaches or is new beau DD a surfie?? I was born and still live on the Northern Beaches but a bit closer to civiilisation. Avalon is quite a hike even for us locals. Good to hear you so happy and enjoying life.

  2. I also live on the Northern Beaches…great spot…but even I think Avalon is way way out. You can only smile when you’re on the beach….enjoy.

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