My week: the universe sent the sweetest gift

Today is going to be tough.

It’s something I can’t blog about … because there are certain things even the ultimate over-sharer knows aren’t appropriate for public consumption.

Especially when it involves my kids.

Anticipating this not-for-public-consumption event has contributed to my roller coaster of emotions over the past week. I’m not happy to be reaching this milestone in my marriage separation. AT ALL.

But I will smile and pretend it’s just fine for the kids’ sake.

Fortunately, the universe has chosen to be infinitely kind to me. It has sent me the gift of DD (it would appear I’ve been so low-key about the whole DD thing – how unlike me! – that some followers have blinked and missed it; for the first date lowdown read THIS).

So I will be having a lovely DD day and the other stuff won’t hurt quite so much.

Thank  you universe.

Just in case there’s other HouseGoesHome stuff you blinked and missed …

On the blog last week …


>> On Monday I wrote about going to Sculpture By The Sea in a blog called Still A Family. We had a great time together and I think it’s really helped the kids cope with our separation, knowing we can spend time together and have fun in our “new normal.”


>> On Tuesday I talked about Wanting to be “got”, which sounds vaguely sexual but was really just about hoping to be loved for who I am.

plague mask

>> Wednesday was Plague House time, after the youngest got “school sores” (what an attractive name for them). Poor little pet. She’s almost totally over it now, thank heavens. (That’s a “plague doctor” mask, above.)


On Thursday I wondered Have I Betrayed Womankind?  It was sparked by a blog about misogny written by my dear friend Lana at The Sharpest Pencil. Just moments before reading her blog I’d forwarded a video about the Crazy Hot Matrix – have you seen it? And I wondered if it counted as being on the verboten list. I got a little nervous when NOBODY commented one way or the other … Finally Suzanne wrote on Facebook: “That chart joke is really funny. I’m a feminist and definitely a girl’s girl, but I still have a sense of humour.” Phew, thank you for not leaving me hanging in the wind on my own.


>> Friday was woe-is-me time with I Hate Being a Grown-up Sometimes. It was just one of those crappy, hormonal days that get you down, when little things like your car key breaking feel like the world ending.


>> And Saturday was a cynical little number called Being The Car Crash where I wondered if people find me boring when I’m happy. Fortunately a lunch with Lana (above) cheered me up immensely.

Over at Escape I managed to squeeze a few stories in, too …


>> Forget Disneyland, there’s DIGGERLAND!!! Here’s how to be voted “Parent of the Year” by the Bob The Builder fan in your life >>


>> These 17 amazing train stations around the world are destinations in themselves … >>


>> The Bachelor BFFs have been licking their wounds – and sipping cocktails – in Vietnam. Check out their happy snaps here >>


>> What the world’s most famous landmarks look like WITHOUT tourists >>


>> 19 amazing ways to enjoy a weekend in the Barossa Valley >>


>> Holidays with dogs: Australia’s best pet-friendly accommodation >>

How was your week?

Song of the day: Powerfinger “(Baby I’ve Got You) On My Mind”

9 thoughts on “My week: the universe sent the sweetest gift

  1. Odd that you should mention “plague masks” because, coincidentally, I was watching “Solomon Kane” on Foxtel a day or so later and there they were, two people at a cremation wearing the masks!

    As for the Crazy/Hot Chart video, the only thing I laughed at was the Danger Zone: Strippers, Redheads etc…

    Hoping your “DD Day” is bulk fun!

  2. I’m taking my two babies to the Tailwaggers Resort (in that article) just after Christmas! It’s a bit sad that we can’t go away on holidays and leave the dogs at home huh? It seems it’s official. I HAVE turned into my mother. Have a wonderful day! Say hi to DD from Pinky 🙂

    • I am still agonising over how to handle dog care for Christmas. I’m just not convinced my furry baby will get proper attention over the holidays. Dilemma! When ARE we going to catch up Pinky?

  3. You’re never boring! 🙂 You know when you focus on the sad kid and suddenly realise the happy kid has missed out on attention? You’re that happy kid right now. You deserve a DD day 🙂

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