Still a family

After Husband and I separated earlier this year, my eldest smashed my heart into a few more pieces when she sadly noted that “we won’t be a family anymore.”

But magically, nine months later, we still are.

Yesterday the four of us headed to Sydney’s eastern suburbs for our annual ritual: a Sculpture By The Sea trek.

It was the most gorgeous day.


I suspect the kids’ favourite part was jumping in the waves at Tamarama or the sausage sizzle at the surf club. They were also pretty jazzed when we saw dolphins leaping in the surf, just metres from the cliffs.

Ah, I’m underplaying their joy in the art. They loved exploring the pieces, taking photos, accidentally jumping the queue to be part of one of them …


Oooops. Sorry cranky queuers.

Sometimes I get traumatised by extended exposure to my former life, but yesterday was just fine. Husband and I chatted like old friends … because Husband and I ARE old friends.

It felt easy and natural for us to sit around having lunch together and wander that gorgeous cliff-top route.

I’m grateful that the four of us can still spend a day together happily as a family, despite the unhappy thing that has happened.

When the adventure was over, it didn’t crush me to kiss and cuddle my gorgeous (exhausted) little creatures goodbye and wave them off to their Dad’s place for the night.

After the flurry of “I love you”s, I shed my trekking gear and slipped on a frock to meet some of DD’s friends for a barbie.  That was a bit terrifying. But they were lovely and it quickly felt easy and natural too.

I am lucky. I have a good life. All the nice stuff that happens now is just icing.

Not “just” … but you know what I mean.

Oh, and here are some of my favourite snaps from yesterday …






Song of the day: Jeff Buckley “Last Goodbye”



8 thoughts on “Still a family

  1. What a lovely example to your children that breaking up does not necessarily mean breaking. That the end of a relationship does not necessarily mean the end of a friendship too 🙂

  2. I love this. I’m so happy for you and your family that the four of you can have days like this together, and that the exposure to your former life didn’t upset you – it becomes the “new normal” after a while. I am lucky there’s a similar dynamic in my new normal family too. And almost-snap with the post because I’m about to post my Sculpture by the Sea pics too!

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