Wanting to be “got”


Lots of Facebook posts about introverts have been popping up on my Facebook feed lately and giving me pause.

I’ve been banging on about being an introvert for a gazillion years, but my doubts are steadily growing. I don’t quite know WHAT I am any more.

So it’s time for a little introspection … just for a change. Perhaps I should change the name of the blog to HouseGoesOnAboutHerself?

Anyways, the latest article I spotted, 10 Ways Introverts Interact Differently With The World, has this to say about them …

They withdraw in crowds

Well, I find it easier to be heard in small groups, but crowds are increasingly fine. I just feel a bit sick for the first few minutes.

Small talk stresses them out, while deeper conversations make them feel alive

I loooooove small talk and big talk and every other sort of talk.

They are naturally drawn to more creative, detail-oriented and solitary careers

Well, that’s true. Love writing, hate being bossed around.

When surrounded by people, they locate themselves close to an exit

No. That’s just weird.

They succeed on stage — just not in the chit-chat afterwards

Can do the stage at a nervy pinch, prefer the chit-chat afterwards.

They think before they speak (and have reputations as listeners)

I’m always regretting things I say and have a terrible reputation as a listener.

They don’t take on the mood of their environment like extroverts do

Totally take on the mood of my environment.

They physically can’t stand talking on the phone

Don’t mind the talking, just don’t like the answering or the dialling. Those bits totally freak me out.

They literally shut down when it’s time to be alone

I do like a bit of alone time. Not sure I literally shut down. Though I did enjoy driving to Coolongatta alone once, playing music LOUD and not uttering a word the entire trip. That was awesome fun.

So what am I?

I wrote a blog this time last year called Odd Bods Rule, OK? it went like this …

I love that my almost 10-year-old makes balloon umbrellas, rehearses tricks for Halloween “just in case”, curls up in bed at night reading Lord of The Rings and befriends snails.

I can’t think where she gets it from. I mean, I remember my dad giving a speech at my 21st birthday marvelling at my odd-bod childhood and seeming a little startled that I’d turned out perfectly OK …

But there’s nothing odd about a teenage girl deciding she’s from a planet near Alpha Centauri called Andromeda and devising a whole language for it … is there?

Nah. Perfectly normal.

Or wearing tartan gymboots, a green raincoat and a red cap to high school … accessorised with a black armband when Split Enz broke up.

Everyone does that, don’t they?

It’s funny the histories you write yourself. The way I tell it I was a shy little flower in my youth. But I might need to rethink that: perhaps “introverted with a streak of wacky” is a better way to describe it.

I look at my eldest and that’s exactly what I got with her – introverted with a streak of wacky.

And I’ve decided it’s not odd-bod at all. It’s fun.

And way more entertaining than social conformity.

Perhaps “odd-bod” describes me better than “introvert”. Though I could have done without my Mum telling DD the raincoat story (he’s teased me relentlessly ever since).


The infamous raincoat, sans tartan gym boots.

Not long after Husband departed, I wrote a blog about reinventing myself called It’s Time To Regenerate (I’m such a sad Doctor Who geek) saying: “My slate has been wiped clean. The world is my oyster and there’s no reason why I shouldn’t slurp it down (with a squeeze of lemon).”

A month later I pondered Who Am I?

Two years ago I wrote a blog called “Who were you in your 20s?” It started with the admission that “I wasn’t quite sure” who I was back then.

Which is ironic considering I’m now 46 and being forced to re-examine/reinvent myself all over again.

So, who am I going to be for the second half of my life (she says ambitiously … well I do come from long-living stock)?

Like Doctor Who once said: “I don’t know yet. Still cooking.”

It’s been eight months since I wrote those words and I’ve still got no freaking idea who or what I am.

But that doesn’t stop me wanting to be “got” me (like this) …


Surely that’s what everyone wants, whatever their personality type?

How about you: Introvert, extrovert, shy, odd-bod, still cooking …?

Song of the day: Nine Inch Nails “Right Where It Belongs”


8 thoughts on “Wanting to be “got”

  1. I think I’m on the fence, neither introvert or extrovert. I’m very rarely scared of any person and don’t have any fear of meeting new people or chatting on the phone to anyone for work. But I hate ‘group events’..as I can’t see the point. I would much rather catch up with friends just one on one. I really do have this weird child thing where I find nearly everyone quite fascinating…

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