Have I betrayed womankind?


I can be a bit of a blokey chick. It leads to men say and do things around me that I sometimes find confronting. They forget I’m a delicate flower who’s learned to talk tough. It’s tricky, because it’s great that they feel so relaxed around me and treat me like one of the boys, but …

The Sharpest Pencil wrote a blog yesterday about misogny in comedy and on YouTube.

It made me very uncomfortable. She noted that her husband “is one of the kindest, most caring and wonderful people on this earth. He is also brilliantly smart (it confuses me how he knows so much) oh and he is funny, proper funny – he has an excellent sense of humour. But there is this one thing.  There are some things he finds funny that aren’t very funny at all. For instance he laughs at comedians who say misogynistic things.  He laughs while acknowledging the misogyny ‘but it is funny’ he says, although clearly it isn’t.”


The reason it made me very uncomfortable was that I had, just moments earlier, sent a male friend a link to the Hot Crazy Matrix.

It says that all women can be charted on a Cartesian graph with an X axis for level of hotness, measured on a 1-10 scale, and a Y axis representing level of craziness, measured on a 4 – 10 scale because “of course there’s no such thing as a woman who’s not at least a four crazy!”

I laughed while watching the Hot Crazy Matrix, while acknowledging the misogyny and admitting “but it is funny.” 

And I’m a woman.


I mean, I thought it was absolutely appalling too. But funny.

And so did the male friend I sent it to. His reply was: “Absolutely perfect. Loved this. Very funny.”

Please tell me off because I (not so) secretly think the world would be an emptier place if people couldn’t create YouTube videos like the one above. I need to be set straight.

Set me straight.

Mind you, I thought the videos my Sharpest friend Lana used as examples were WAY out of line. They included awful lyrics about woman such as:

“Oh yeah, women are actually good for 4 things

Cooking,  Cleaning, Vaginas And their sisters vaginas.”

That’s DEFINITELY not funny.

So where should comedy draw the line?

PS Fortunately a very funny woman has created the Hot Emotionally Unavailability Matrix …

Song of the day: Tim Minchin “Inflatable you”



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