I am done with 2022

If you are wondering why I didn’t blog yesterday, it is because I have hit the 2022 wall.

Nothing dramatic happened. I just ran out of puff.

I am beat. I am done. I need a Bex and a lie down.

If I owe you a message, a call or catch up, I apologise. I am struggling to get the basics done, the frills have been put on hold.

Christmas shopping was the straw that broke Alana’s back. It was brought forward a week due to my family Christmas being held last Sunday.

I was unprepared and had to wildly scramble to be even close to on top of things.

I was due at my sister’s house at 11am on Sunday. At 10.30am I was still 15 minutes away from home and unshowered, with gifts to be wrapped, a salad to be made and Balmain bugs to be procured.

I may have sounded slightly unhinged as I skidded into the apartment and screeched that everyone needed to STAY OUT OF MY WAY.

And then I started spinning around like the Tasmanian Devil from Bugs Bunny, frantically trying to get everything done in 10 minutes flat.

Remarkably, I was only 30 minutes late to my sister’s house. It helped that the youngest made the caprese salad. All those knife skills she acquired before dropped Hospitality for the HSC have come in handy for something.

My sister must be equally shattered, as we realised after my parents had headed off home to Newcastle that we had forgotten to take any family photos!!!! Epic fail.

When I got home from Christmas lunch I wanted to swoon onto the sofa, but there was a kitchen to restore to order and dogs to be walked. I tried to cry while I was walking the dogs, but I was too exhausted to squeeze out the tears.

I desperately needed an early night, but the youngest had to be collected from a party in Woop Woop at 10pm.

I woke up on Monday morning feeling the opposite of rested. There was no spring in my step as I shuffled to the bus stop and made my way to the office. My pace was even slower on the way back to the bus stop to make my way home.

I bought myself a noodle soup for dinner because I needed comfort and didn’t have it in me to cook.

I went to bed last night feeling like the flu was coming on, but I think it was exhaustion. I took a RAT test to make sure it wasn’t COVID. Wouldn’t that be fun for Christmas?

It was negative.

I can’t wait to stop for a few days and try to relax.

I want to sit and gaze vacantly at the gorgeous view of trees outside my apartment.

Thank you for all the kind offers of Christmas company, but at this stage I’m planning on having some me time and doing my tax.

Song of the day: Snow Patrol “Chasing cars”

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