I am Mr Bean

The eight-year-old wrote a poem about me at school. It goes like this …

My mum is orange

She is spring time

Mum is in the kitchen

She is warm

Mum is a jiggly jumper

She is a little lounge

Mum is Mr Bean

It’s funny how other people see you. I would have never described myself as warm and Mr Bean-like, though I totally get the “little lounge” bit. My version of the poem would have been much drearier: “I am grey, I am wintertime …”

I was tempted to ask her why she used those words and imagery to describe me. But I’ve decided it’s better to be touched that I was compared to springtime, rather than be told she chose a season at random.

Has anyone written a poem/song/limmerick written about you? This is my first. Although a bloke wrote on a bouquet card to me once: “For a Pisces who doesn’t like water, some flowers to put it in”, which I thought was rather poetic.



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  1. Always best to accept a complement where you can- I found that with the kids if you overthink things or ask too many question you generally get dissappointed!
    Quite a few years ago now when our kids were about 3 and 5 we were sitting in a mcdonalds when a man came and gave us a small note that he’d written while watching us
    “Oh what a blessing for this life
    With never ending joy
    God’s blest the husband with his wife
    With a sweet girl and boy.

    Wishing you happines always! All the best!”

    Its very simple but really touched me and I’ve kept it in a photo frame hidden away for about ten years now.
    Poor bugger was not to know that those sweet kids would turn out to be devil spawn…. 😛

  2. That is a wonderful poem! Your kids seem to burst with creativity and originality, I love it.

    I have never had such an awesome poem written about me (yet) but I wrote this one about my mum years ago. I am no poet but it meant a lot to me and her at the time!
    It was accompanied by an illo of a tree:

    There’s something you remind me of …
    Something beautiful and strong
    The place I seek for quiet rest
    When my journey has become to long

    Gently dropping little love notes
    With barely a sound
    And though I may appear to tread on them
    I know it’s me they’ve found

    Reaching out in all directions
    Yet never straying from home
    You wave to friends, far, far away
    Their constant, as they roam

    You raise me higher
    Force me to look up, lift my chin!
    See things from a different point of view

    And even if I fall down again,
    I saw it for a second, because of you.

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