HouseHunting: retirement home

Ever wonder where you’ll live when you retire? I’m the sort of loop who devotes many hours of contemplation to the subject.

I’m not talking about when the Sprogs pack me off to a care facility, it’s the brief sojourn before that – when the work is over and the full-time play begins. Husband and I quite fancy the idea of low-fuss apartment living by the sea, though I’m a bit worried about where the chook coop will go.

The only problem with seaside living, as a friend once pointed out to me in hushed tones, is the people – all those surfies and backpackers having endless parties, throwing their KFC bones over the balconies, oh and pissing over them too (as my friend Glen, who lives at Freshwater, so eloquently described on Facebook recently. He seems at peace with it. I’d be driven nuts … Well, more nuts than I already am.)

I think I’ve found a potential solution: Kirribilli. Close to the city, water views, nice restaurants, North Sydney Pool, fireworks, non-pissing-over-balcony residents …

This three-bedroom apartment goes to auction on Wednesday. The owners are looking for offers around $1.6million. Oooohh, it’s just oozing with potential. I can’t believe I’m saying that about a $1.6mill older-style apartment. But a lick of paint on that tongue-and groove ceiling in the sunroom (don’t you dare touch that fabulous one in the lounge room), new floor and window coverings, a schmick kitchen (and I presume bathroom too), and a bit of work on the garden and it would be retiree heaven.

What the agent says: “Lifestyle – Set against an inspiring harbour backdrop, enjoying a superb connectivity with the water, this substantial original garden apartment boasts an impressive floor plan with flexible spaces. Elegant interiors are enhanced by the rarely found private alfresco terrace on title offering the perfect vantage point to enjoy the special location. Privately placed in a boutique character building it presents enormous potential and exceptional lifestyle benefits with easy access to a delectable array of cafes and eateries, ferry, train and the CBD.”

I’m sold.

Check it out by clicking here.

How about you? Where do you want to end up?

4 thoughts on “HouseHunting: retirement home

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  1. Definitely will be somewhere rural, in a small town or village, probably in the Central West or Southwest Slopes. Not too hot, close enough to a major centre for health care and amenities. Must have it’s own supermarket (even an IGA). Enough space for a chook pen and a vegie garden for me to potter around in. A small renovation project would be okay

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