So many excuses

DD has been on a fitness kick for about three months now. I’m very impressed by his dedication. He gets up at 5.30am and heads to 6am F45 classes, then sends me gorgeous sunrise shots. He goes on 20km bike rides and kayaking expeditions with his mates. He even came to pump with me the […]

Remember when happiness looked like THIS?

The youngest was pretty stoked with how her life went yesterday – she couldn’t wait to tell me all about it when I got home. She got her first 20 out of 20 in a spelling test, which she thought was awesome because spelling isn’t her thing. But also kinda crap because it means she now […]

When things get quirky

Nothing quirky or interesting happened in my life yesterday, it was bog standard. The highlight was scoffing leftover Mamak chicken curry that my boss bought everyone in the office the day before, with a round of fresh roti. Yep, that’s as exciting as it got. Actually, free Mamak chicken curry and roti two days in […]

Not good enough

A gorgeous, successful Facebook friend shared a story on her newsfeed earlier this week called “Living with High-Functioning Anxiety.” Reading it was a reminder that while there are unicorns in my daffodil paddock, there are still demons. In the article, Sarah Schuster writes: “High functioning anxiety sounds like: You’re not good enough. You’re a bad […]

Killing my unicorns

My life was all unicorns and rainbows yesterday, I was skipping through fields of imaginary daffodils trilling “The hills are alive!” Life is sooooooo, sooooo lovely, I thought as I hummed my way through work, I am sooooo happy … Then I took my eldest daughter to see Suicide Squad and my sweet dreams were […]

Such a buzz

This will come as a shock to anyone who has met me recently, particularly DD, but I didn’t talk much over the last decade. My verbal skills were at their poorest between 2007 and 2014. Especially around my husband, where I became virtually mute. We’d go out for dinner and I’d struggle to think of […]

Getting my priorities right

Yesterday should have been about getting organised. For example, the house is slowly descending into darkness as the lightbulbs progressively fail. We ate ate dinner by candlelight on Saturday … and not because I thought it would add to the ambience. I also need to find the courage to ask the neighbours if they’ll consider […]

When the hope dies

During the in-denial early years of my marriage irrevocably falling apart, I saw a movie called Hope Springs. It was about a couple in their 50s – played by Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones – who’ve forgotten how to touch, love or connect with each other. I was quite devastated by Meryl Streep’s abject unhappiness in her […]

Gripped by crisis, mostly of the middle-aged variety

My ex thoughtfully forwarded me an email from yesterday that announced: The award winning series Avalon Now is back for Season 2.   At the heart of Sydney’s idyllic Northern Beaches lies the sunny suburb of Avalon, where attractive, socially-progressive families cruise through life in four-wheel drives. But beneath the sunny veneer the suburb is […]