Getting my priorities right

Yesterday should have been about getting organised.

For example, the house is slowly descending into darkness as the lightbulbs progressively fail. We ate ate dinner by candlelight on Saturday … and not because I thought it would add to the ambience.

I also need to find the courage to ask the neighbours if they’ll consider going halves in a new fence with me. The current one is solid but UGLY – one of those low, school fence style ones. I’d like some palings and privacy.

The bathroom could do with a clean.

Actually, everything could do with a clean.

There are also bills to be paid and junk to be tossed.

Yesterday was supposed to be D Day for all that.

But it became DD Day when the boyf messaged to say he was unexpectedly kid-free and did I fancy lunch?

I don’t know what it was like around your way, but it was glorious in Sydney. So I decided bugger being organised and drove north.

We had burgers and champagne at the Palm Beach Golf Club looking out at sparkling Pittwater.

That was pretty lovely.

Then DD enticed me into the surf – actually, Palm Beach was more like a pond yesterday – for a swim.

I think it says something about the new me that there happened to be a cossie in my car boot.

It was pretty cold in the water, I did a lot of squealing.

By the time I was finally brave enough for total immersion, DD had retreated to the beach again. So I got him to take a photo to prove I went for a swim … In August!

I thought I looked all serene and glamorous as I posed in the water, but when I checked the photos I looked like a squinty old woman.


But it was a glorious way to spend the afternoon.

Lucky me!

What did you get up to yesterday?

Song of the day: Madonna “Lucky star”

I can’t tell you how much I wanted to look like Madonna in this clip when it came out. How can she be 58 this week?


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