When things get quirky

Nothing quirky or interesting happened in my life yesterday, it was bog standard.

The highlight was scoffing leftover Mamak chicken curry that my boss bought everyone in the office the day before, with a round of fresh roti.

Yep, that’s as exciting as it got. Actually, free Mamak chicken curry and roti two days in a row is pretty exciting … but not really material for a blog.

A friend of DD’s suggested I write about ASMR whispering, which is youTube videos of chicks whispering and role playing. They’re supposed to make you relax and feel sleepy and not be at all sexual, but I can’t help thinking there’s something vaguely kinky going on. There should be a blog about them, but I’m not feeling it right now.

So I did my usual digging around in the Housegoeshome back catalogue for inspiration and stumbled across a post I wrote this time a few years ago about the quirky stuff that keeps popping up in my life (well, other than yesterday).

For example, the day before I wrote the blog, I was driving home from a jail visit when I looked out the car window and saw a guy toting an enormous wooden cross down the street. I’m talking three metres long by two metres wide and really thick. There weren’t any churches nearby. He didn’t look like a nut job. More like a nice, lost country boy, with his jeans and leather akubra.

His destination remains a mystery, but it started me thinking about the quirky moments life throws at you.

Like the time I looked in my rear-vision mirror in a busy Leichhardt street and saw two rabbits shagging on the bitumen behind me.

Or the day a clown in full regalia, driving a rainbow-hued clown car, chugged past me on the freeway.

Not all the weirdness has involved cars and therefore can’t be blamed on exhaust-leak hallucinations. Like when I walked the “pilgrim trail” – which involves limping 400km across Spain and sleeping in dormitory-style accommodation with lots of garlicky, farting Frenchmen – and saw a couple of fellow pilgrims staggering along with a two-metre-tall statue of the Virgin Mary. You’d catch glimpses of her head bobbing along above hedges along the route. Another couple decided a six-month-old baby was a good thing to strap to their chests for the journey. I thought that was more bizarre than the Virgin, even before I had kids. Post-kids I think it was complete madness.

Exploring Vienna with my friend Mel, I saw a guy trying to beat another guy up with a ladder. A big, long ladder. Not an easy thing to do, but he was giving it his best shot.

A week before the giant cross incident, I spotted a live prawn struggling along the pavement in Crows Nest. The logical side of my brain tells me he’d probably been emancipated from the fish tank of a nearby Chinese restaurant by a helpful toddler. However, I like to think he’d made the leap himself and crawled half a block through sheer bloody-mindedness.

Then there was the day the universe sent me a pig. I was going for a walk with my friend Fee when I heard the strangest snorting squealing noise and a pig bolted past us. I suspected he was an escapee pet, so I knelt down and started saying something cliched like “Here piggy, piggy!” When he trotted over and let me pat him, I grabbed the fuzzy little porker. He started thrashing and squealing the street down. Mr Piggy’s owner shot out of her house screaming PUT HIM DOWN!!! PUT HIM DOWN!!!! It turns out pigs don’t like being picked up because it makes them feel like prey. So I plonked him on the ground, he hightailed it home and we continued our walk.

I remember thinking wow the universe sends some bizarre stuff my way.

I’ve decided the universe also has my best interests at heart.

And I think she’s finally found a window in her busy schedule to fix a few more of my broken bits.

Bless her.

It feels like another regeneration might be on the horizon for me.

In May, I asked if I was “done” yet.

I’m soooo not done.

I’m still a bit of a bomb site.

But I think things might finally be coming together.

Fingers crossed.

Has anything quirky happened to you lately?

Song of the day: OMC “How bizarre”




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