Gripped by crisis, mostly of the middle-aged variety

My ex thoughtfully forwarded me an email from yesterday that announced:
The award winning series Avalon Now is back for Season 2.
At the heart of Sydney’s idyllic Northern Beaches lies the sunny suburb of Avalon, where attractive, socially-progressive families cruise through life in four-wheel drives. But beneath the sunny veneer the suburb is gripped by crisis, mostly of the mid-life variety.
 Prosecco or Champagne? How does this Tinder thing work? And what if the year’s biggest social event – The White Party – is a flop?
Sit back, grab a cronut and a kale shake and indulge.

I was quite excited by the email, as Avalon Now is very funny. Also, Avalon itself is my new second home, I’m coming out the other side of a mid-life crisis, I recently tried my first cronut and I quite fancy a prosecco … from the Avalon bottlo, served by my eldest daughter’s school friend’s dad, who is played in Avalon Now by Richard Roxborough because the world is too small.

I also thought the world was a funny old place to have my ex sending me emails about YouTube shows based in my new second home. But cheers!

Click here to have a stickybeak at Avalon Now.

DD doesn’t think Avalon Now represents Avalon at all … those closest to something usually don’t … fortunately, however, he doesn’t wear a striped shirt, sip kale shakes or have a four-wheel drive. He’s more your hoodie, flat white and beaten up Saab kinda guy.

Gags aside, Avalon is quite gorgeous and not really like the show … other than the residents being overly fond of striped shirts.

I’m starting to think I could quite happily live there if I won the lottery and didn’t have a job and kids’ schools that were 45 minutes away from it.

If I DID win the lottery, I’d quit my job and buy something like this …

Copyright NBPD

Well, it’s actually at Newport, but it’s winter and stock is low.

And there’s still the issue of how the kids would get to school.

Anyways, I’m off to have a giggle at episode 2 of season 2 of Avalon Now.

Have a great day!

Song of the day: Roxy Music “Avalon”






4 thoughts on “Gripped by crisis, mostly of the middle-aged variety

  1. My dad lived down at newport for 2 years after we left school… its probably changed a bit, but he luvd the early morning swim b4 work being not even 5 mins from the beach… dont think he was in to sipping anything, tho, even coffee… & it was a little 1 brm flat under a house, so no view…
    Just think what i could have got up to if id had an inclination to go down & stay there when he was home on weekends??

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