Things I’d rather not forget

I have a terrible, terrible, terrible memory.

It erases whole swathes of events and people.

It’s obviously decided that capacity is limited so tough decisions need to be made about freeing up the hard drive.

But I will never understand how it manages to totally erase people. Especially ones who remember me, by name.

Like the time I went to the open for inspection of a semi and the woman next door greeted me warmly – by name – and invited me inside her place for a stickybeak because it was the mirror image.

She knew me. I had no idea who she was. Still don’t. I valiantly tried to piece the mystery together afterwards. Failed.

I’ve had to become VERY good at faking a knowing look in my eye.

But I failed at it again this week.

I went to the board meeting of Women in drinks at the SCG. One of the board members cheerily announced: “Hi Alana, you went to my wedding!”

And I was like …


It turns out the lovely woman is married to one of my ex-husband’s best friends. They had the most gorgeous wedding in Watson’s Bay. I remember THAT. But I don’t recall the bride.

Even the fact she was standing right in front of me didn’t help clear the fog.

The bride!


Admittedly my ex and I didn’t socialise much together in our later years, so he usually saw his best friend without me.

But it was still a confronting moment.

Not to mention a small world one.

I specialise in those too. 

Hopefully the bride will forgive me. She seems really nice, so I hope so.

Meanwhile, I had my hair cut last night and my hairdresser was feeling very poorly. He admitted he wasn’t going to remember a single thing I’d told him during the hour I was there, talking like a steam train.

He said it had been a looooooong day, as every single clients had talked like a steam train.

It was taking all his energy to focus on the cutting, so the listening had gone out the window.

I apologised and told him I’d have been quiet if I’d realised.

He said I couldn’t be quiet if I tried.

He would know since he’s been cutting my hair for 20 years.

I had to admit he’s probably right. I told him that DD asks for a few minutes silence occasionally and that I am TERRIBLE at it.

A bit like remembering people.

Maybe if I talked less I would remember more?

While I ponder that, here are some photo memories from the last few days …

What’s your memory like?

Song of the day: Simple Minds “Don’t you forget about me”


4 thoughts on “Things I’d rather not forget

  1. I always remember faces but names…aaaargh!
    And that’s an awful situation when selling cars to someone because while you are in sales-mode, they are your BEST FRIEND. After the sale, it’s like…”errr, how do you spell your surname again?” You feel like a right berk when they say “S.M.I.T.H…!”. Doh! 🙄
    I also believe that, with the onset of devices like phones and laptops, we have lost a lot of our memory ability because things like phone numbers and addresses etc. are at our finger tips and we no longer have to retain them in our memory. If you don’t use it, you lose it or so to speak!
    Listening to the radio yesterday, there was an item about a study that has discovered people who read books for at least a half hour each night live up to 2 1/2 years longer. Books, of course, do not include magazines, newspapers,
    Facebook etc. So there’s a little incentive to catch up on that pile of books on the bedside table! 👍📖🤓

    • No that’s definitely a bit of a drawback for a salesman! I really need to get back into reading. I just grabbed a book from the garage that I’m intent on opening … soon …

  2. I remember people and sometimes names but I can never remember where I know them from. It’s the most embarrassing thing. I hate it when people forget me so I fake it until I’m forced to faint like Basil Fawlty. I will NEVER admit I don’t remember someone.

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