The big news

I search the news sites each morning for stories that might interest members of the drinks association.

It invariably leaves me with the skewed view that the world has morphed into a pretty weird and horrifying place.

Yesterday was a total corker.

Here were some of the headlines on …

>> Funeral ‘interrupted by Pokemon Go players’

>> Do your friends actually like you?

>> The Bachelor star opens up about paedophile dad

>> Bride walked down the aisle by man who received her dad’s heart

>> How to wear overalls as an adult

>> Boy decapitated on world’s tallest water slide

>> ‘Smirking’ Spiderbait fan urinates on woman at Melbourne concert

>> Family of five die in murder-suicide after youngest gets heart transplant

>> Man in bra, heels caught in lewd act, defecating in Midvale car park

Far. Out. Yes. Really.

All those stories were on the SMH homepage … not or daily mail.

While it’s tempting to moan and wail about how outrageous it is that the SMH runs all that stuff on its homepage, it’s not really the newspaper’s fault. The SMH is just chasing clicks to survive.

As Stuff Journalists Like noted earlier this year …


The only way is down.

And I can’t help wondering if it will ever go back up again.

Mind you, I’m no better than all the other “readers” – I don’t pay for news content.

Do you?

What would it take for you to pay?

I think I’d need some sort of intuitive newsfeed that searched the globe for the content that interests me and served it up on a daily basis. But how does that translate to paying for the services of all those journalists working for all those different publications?

I have no idea.

The only thing I know is there’s no way I’d let my daughters become journalists in the current climate.

That way madness lies.

Speaking of madness, the irony of yesterday was that the biggest news story of the day ended up being #censusfail

#censusfail was completely ridiculous and terribly serious at the same time.

Census 2016 was supposed to be a triumph of technology, collecting our information online rather than via clunky written responses.

It crashed spectacularly.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics is blaming hackers.

Bloody technology.

This image captures the moment perfectly …


Song of the day: Cold Chisel “Ita”




6 thoughts on “The big news

  1. I would pay for quality well researched journalism but for the most part it doesn’t exist anymore. We get mostly regurgitated press releases or click bait headlines.
    My dad get the paper delivered and gets free digital access to the SMH but honestly the paywall doesn’t actually have any less clickbait headlines which makes me sad. If the articles behind the paywall were of a better quality than we can get freely it would be worth it.
    I think we have lost the art of journalism these days and I don’t think we will ever get it back.

      • We can live in hope. I know its been a longtime since you worked in print media but I read an article the other day about Princess Mary and wondered do some writers get a picture of someone crying, sunbaking, eating etc and make up a story to go with the picture? Or is there some information that has come with the picture. It just feels lately that in the weekly mags that there are so many stories against pics that just feel like fiction …

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