Time to be a villain

I was a bit scared about DD turning up on my doorstep last night.

We were off to a Heroes & Villains 50th birthday party for one of his uni friends.

He told me he was going as Two Face. His daughter is a really talented make-up artist – her tutorials get hundreds of thousands of views on Instagram, so she was going to work her magic on him.

I didn’t really compute who Two Face was until I Googled it to show the youngest. Then I was HORRIFIED. I wasn’t sure I could look at him with half his face hanging off.

There was also the small matter of the costume party being held it in the city.

I was a bit scared about that too, since I was trussed up as the Wicked Witch of the West.

DD texted to suggest we get a bite to eat beforehand.

Uh … NO.

Anyways, when I opened the front door and saw DD for the first time, I squealed in horror. He looked VERY gruesome.

It took hours before I could look at him properly.

As for the party …

Aside from the moment on the dancefloor when I sneezed a little too violently and consequentially it was AWESOME.

I was nervous it would be like that moment in Bridget Jones’s Diary when everyone forgets to tell her there isn’t a Tarts & Vicars theme anymore and she turns up as a Playboy bunny.

But everyone had gone to so much effort with their costumes. The people watching was amazing.

DD got so many compliments on his make-up, which isn’t something blokes normally experience.

There was a photo booth in the corner for capturing the fun, we spent an embarrassing amount of time in there posing for photographs.

There were Mojitos and Cosmopolitans and Margaritas on offer on arrival, then endless champagne and delicious nibbles – slider burgers, chicken schnitzel on a stick (chicken schnitzel on a stick!!!!), crumbed prawn skewers and endless other stuff.

And just when I thought things couldn’t get any more fabulous, the band came on.

They’re a mob called The Villains. They dress up like bad guys, including The Joker and Darth Vader, and play ’80s music.

At one brilliant moment they did a few Devo songs – it was quite something seeing Darth Vader in a Devo hat.

We danced for the whole second set then tottered off into the night.

Such a fantastic night, Lorraine, thank you!

Happy Birthday!

Song of the day: Devo “Whip it”



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