I swear it was an accident

I had a scare earlier this week. I thought someone had stolen my car.

I’ve been lucky enough to score a parking space in the basement of the building where I work. When I wandered underground one night, my spot was empty.

Cue minor heart failure.

Then I decided to check if I’d accidentally parked on the level below.

Ooooops, yep. Phew!

I was a bit worried about taking someone else’s parking space, but there was no nasty note on my car and the carpark is usually half empty, so I figured I was fine.

I so wasn’t fine.

The next morning, I drove down the ramp to the carpark and my electronic let-me-in beeper thingy didn’t work. I tried about five times before turning around, parking disconsolately on the street and feeding some coins into the meter.

When I got into the office, I rang the building manager to tell him my beeper wasn’t working. He started ranting that I’d been locked out because I’d parked in someone else’s spot. I apologised, said it was an accident and asked if he could please let me into the building. He hung up on me.

Oh. Right.

So I got my boss to call him back. He gave her the full download on the shite storm I’d set off. (Because accidentally parking in someone else’s spot is totally shite storm setting off stuff, right?)

Me being me, I hadn’t just parked in anyone’s spot, I’d parked in the “chairman’s” spot. I’m presuming that’s his fancy title for being head of the body corporate (the building is a mix of commercial and residential).

He’s furious about me parking in his spot and wants the building manager to ban from the carpark for LIFE.

I know I’m prone to exaggeration, but he really did say that.


I’m still shaking my head. And I still can’t get into the farking carpark, days later.

Far out.

I dunno, call me crazy but hello?

Wouldn’t any reasonable person just ring and say “Hey, you parked in my spot, can you move?”

But no, storming into the building manager’s office and demanding he de-beep my beeper and ban me from the carpark for LIFE is totally the way to roll.

The building manager and the chairman also reviewed video footage of the carpark and discovered I was WALKING DOWN THE RAMP instead of using the lift.

Good. God. No!

No explanations or apologies were sought for my appalling behaviour. No message regarding my punishment was sent.

I’m thinking the chairman has a very … oh, wait, I’m not blogging snarky things about people any more. I’m being thoughtful and kind.

I’m thinking the chairman has a very … good point. It’s appalling that I ruined his day by parking in his spot.

I’m not surprised he wants me banned for LIFE.

He’s not over-reacting AT ALL.


Song of the day: Oasis “Don’t look back in anger”





8 thoughts on “I swear it was an accident

  1. Body Corporate chairmen and women too often think their shit don’t stink!
    Perhaps your boss can get another beepybeeppybeeppy by saying it’s for someone else? except the CCTV watching nazi will find you anyway. No suggestions. Sorry Turds!

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