Literally shaking

I was literally shaking yesterday as I psyched myself to contact Hawaiian Airlines about getting a refund on my tickets to New York. I hate talking on the phone and loathe confrontation, so I'd been putting it off for weeks and emailing to avoid verbal interaction. But that hadn't worked. Someone suggested I message the airline... Continue Reading →

Wish me luck

Confrontation and I are not besties. I avoid uncomfortable interactions at all costs. So I'm really, really not looking forward to calling Hawaiian Airlines today about getting a refund on my flights to New York. Have I told you about my airfare screw up? The morning the World Skipping Championships were cancelled, I called Hawaiian... Continue Reading →

Another adjustment

Daylight savings has thrown another spanner in my works. I’m finding it harder to adjust than usual. How about you? Is it because life has become so much smaller during home isolation? The pointless worrying isn’t helping either. When I woke at 4.45am this morning, my head immediately filled with too many thoughts to fall... Continue Reading →

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