Where there’s a will

Was it a coincidence or my subconscious at work?

I belatedly realized on Sunday night that my low mood last week coincided with my cancelled mini break to New Zealand with DD.

We were looking forward to it so much – we had frequent flyer flights booked for last Thursday to Christchurch and had the loveliest things planned.

I’d completely forgotten about it until DD reminded me last night.

My mood wasn’t improved by home isolation.

There are three things I look forward to doing every weekend: seeing DD, going for a swim and walking with friends.

I felt very bleak when I thought they were all being taken away from me by COVID-19. But it turns out that where there’s a will, there’s a way.

My friend Fee had an ingenious idea for preserving our Saturday morning walks. The three of us each walked 500 metres apart while having a group What’s App chat. We could still see each other and we could still talk to each other. It was ace.

I’ve been worried about the kids spending 23 hours each day in bed during home isolation. Most offers of entertainment have been rejected: walks, board games, housework (OK, I can kinda understand the last one) … About the only thing that’s been vaguely successful is binge watching Britannia with the eldest on the couch (though the youngest prefers to wash her hair during these sessions).

But the eldest loves body surfing, so I did my research – after a few blog followers informed me that swimming was still allowed in some places – and discovered we can visit one of my favourite beaches as long as we practice social distancing and don’t linger. And the eldest agreed to join me on Saturday arvo.

Woo-hoo! It was AWESOME. The beach was quiet, the water was clear, the waves weren’t too dumpy … we had such a nice time, until the chill drove us back to the shore.

We grabbed some Malaysian takeaway on the way home, then the eldest retreated to bed again to play Minecraft.

On Sunday, I went for a walk with my sister on Sunday morning (no What’s App required) then I headed back up the coast to DD’s place under the auspices of “care”. We ate Thai takeaway and sat on the couch sipping wine and life during COVID-19 seemed a little more bearable.

I felt much more balanced and relaxed. I hope the feeling gets me through Monday. I’ve realised working from home is getting to me a little. It sounds fabulous in theory, wearing pyjamas all day and putting a load of washing on during my lunch break, but I’ve found it challenging. Mind you, I’m entering my fourth week of it now, so I’m a little ahead of some in the pack.

It feels so mind numbingly repetitive, getting out of bed, sitting in front of the computer for seven and a half hours, cooking dinner, watching TV, going to bed, getting out of bed …

Blah. And another 90 days to frigging go. I will be two dress sizes bigger by the end of it because I cannot be trusted around a fully stocked fridge.

Hope you are doing OK in your neck of the woods. If you have to head out of the house each day for work, forgive me for complaining, as I’m sure you’d rather be safe at home.

Song of the day: Yazz “The only way is up”


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