Piece of peace

This will sound a bit loopy, but sometimes  I feel like crying with happiness when I’m swimming in the ocean.

I love the peace that it brings to my head and my heart.

I didn’t get a swim yesterday, time was against me. But I made do with a quick coffee – and a breakfast burrito – while I watched the waves crash, before I dashed off to start my working day.

Back in the real world, the youngest arrived mid morning, sick again #notcovid-19

Her coldy symptoms didn’t stop her creating homemade tortillas to accompany the slow-roasted pork shoulder in the oven.

Check out my crackling!

I was very excited by it, I’ve never made crackling before. My ex abhorred pork.

We served our pork and tortillas for dinner last night with crumbled feta, roast corn salad, guacamole and sour cream. Mmmmmmm. It was sooooo good. The recipe was a bit of a mish mash: Jamie Oliver’s roast pork, with the rest via a cookbook by an ex-Masterchef winner called Brent Owens.

I thought the youngest was a bit mad to be cooking homemade tortillas, but they were awesome.

It’s been quite the porky week. DD made me a pork roast with all the trimmings on Monday night. It was dee-licious too.

Oh, and the youngest was hoping to make homemade dim sims for our dinner tonight, but the toilet paper shortage seems to have been superseded by a wonton skin shortage.

Fingers crossed I can find some before the pork mince and prawns bite the expiry date dust.

As for Hawaiian Airlines, I piked out. I sent a follow-up email to my follow-up email instead.

I will call them this week, I promise.

The shame of my failure is weighing heavily on me.

In other news, my hairdresser emailed to say she can mix me a home hair colour maintenance kit that would include my usual personalised formula and the tools to apply it, with instructions. Blimey, I dunno. I think I’d rather shave it all off and see what I look like grey. But DD is very fond of seeing my red strands shimmering in the morning sunlight. And the youngest is refusing point blank to entertain the idea of a grey-haired mum.

Hmmmm, will advise.

Aside from that I’m climbing the walls with COVID boredom. The thought of months more is doing my head in. I went to bed at 9pm last night because I was so over the day.

How are you faring?

Song of the day: Steve Strange “Fade to grey”





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