Bit fishy

I love an Indian Summer. It felt so blissful to be floating in the warm sea over the weekend when it’s almost May.

I was lucky enough to swim on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

My favourite was the Saturday swim. The water was so clear and gorgeous and the waves were the perfect size for a paddler like me.

The Sunday swim wasn’t too shabby either – the clouds kept the crowds away, so we had the water mostly to ourselves.

The Friday swim was my least favourite because I was stung by a jellyfish and his sea lice mates.

I still look like I have the measles.

If there’s an opportunity to be bitten by something, my skin jumps at it. Then it cultivates itchy, angry welts for days afterwards.

My mood was a bit angry too because there were so many people lying around sunbaking on Friday and Saturday, endangering everyone’s liberty to use the beach by flouting the COVID-19 rules.

Mind you, there were about 20 people sitting on picnic benches blithely chatting near my local coffee shop on Saturday morning. Most of them were over 60 and in the higher risk category for respirators.

I’m thinking Aussies are getting a little cocky about our low infection rates and a little jack of social distancing.

A handful of people even held a protest in Victoria on Saturday in a suburb of Gippsland, holding up signs and banners identifying themselves as “Freedom Keepers” and asking “What Did Our Anzacs Die For?”

I thought the driveway vigils for Anzac Day were quite touching and lovely. There was nothing lovely about the protest. Perhaps the participants should move to the US and march with those champions who’ve been waving “I want a haircut” placards around.

Maybe they’d prefer living in a country run by a bloke who thinks it’s a good idea to inject disinfectant into people to fight the coronavirus … then says he was joking.

Blimey, just when you thought things couldn’t get more surreal.

On the other hand, I couldn’t help laughing at a picture the Spanish police tweeted of someone who was fined for walking his fish (pictured main).

The Spanish government’s strict stay-at-home order – which has just been extended until May 9 – allows people to leave their homes to walk their pets. It’s prompted some citizens to get a little creative in their interpretation of what the government means by “pet.”

Last month, someone was fined for walking a chicken, while someone else pretended to walk a toy dog and got themselves into strife.

Speaking of getting creative, work on the art studio at my place is still running behind schedule. Today’s rain isn’t going to hurry it along.

Hope you had a good weekend in iso.

Song of the day: U2 “Walk on”









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  1. That is funny about the people in Spain getting creative with what constitutes a pet – I can’t say I blame them though – it would be terrible to not even be able to go for a walk outside. So if I lived in Spain I can’t say I wouldn’t try to walk the guinea pigs on little leashes! The fish though…full points for trying.

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