And so it begins

Something startling happened to my daughter over the school holidays: she grew up.

At the end of year 6 she seemed too young to be heading to high school.

But she’s changed so rapidly over the past six weeks. Her hair is up in an expertly messy top knot. She’s developed a passion for fashion. She’s grown what feels like a foot taller. Her TV allegiance has switched from Full House to Gilmore Girls.

It’s a little startling to remind myself she’s still only 11 years old for another month.

Today is her first day at high school. I’m working from home so I can personally deliver her – as required by the principal – to the school hall at 9.30am. She will be wearing her brand new, astronomically expensive school shoes and new backpack, teamed with a dress we scored from someone.

Her dad is popping over on his way to work – well, not really on his way, but he’s popping over – to give the new high schooler a hug.

Wow primary school went fast.

I keep reminding myself to play games of Connect 4 and dominos with her because soon playing board games with mum will be totally uncool.

I cherish that she wants a cuddle each night before bed. I wish I could still do that with the eldest, except the eldest goes to bed long after me each night, so it’s a peck on the couch instead.

I wander past toddlers being pushed on swings in the park and wish I could go back and take my little kiddos to the playground one last time.

When you’re in the trenches of early childhood it feels like it will never end. You can’t imagine that you’ll ever look back and wish it had gone slower.

But you will.

Song of the day: David Bowie “Changes”


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