Tired and wired

Attending the 2020 Australian Drinks Awards virtually from my living room yesterday wasn’t quite as glamorous as swanning around a ballroom last year.

For a start, I was wearing ugg boots this time around. And one of the dogs started violently retching and vomiting behind me during the ceremony. Fortunately I had a glass of wine in hand and the speaker on mute. Go me.

Shelly Horton hosted the awards and turned out to be a fellow emerald green lover … with matching titian locks. I met Shelly a few years back when she was guest speaker at a Women in Drinks function at Diageo’s headquarters. We bonded over our brief stints at Mamamia. I thought she was a top chick.

If you squint you can see me in the top corner of this screenshot of the Zoom audience for the awards ceremony:

Yesterday was a loooooong day for me. I was still taking screenshots of the ceremony late into the night and I’m reconvening with the Drinks Association team at 8.30am this morning.

It was very hard to wind down and go to sleep last night when I moved straight from the computer to bed.


Fortunately I’m hoping to squeeze in some relaxed fun over the weekend to take the edge off, in addition to taking Monday off work. Woot!

So you won’t hear from me until Tuesday, though if I get a chance I’ll be blogging about my recent weekend in Coogee over on The Thirsty Travellers. Let’s see how my weary fingers go.

Take care. Have a good one.

PS: Here’s who won I bet you’re dying to know … 

Song of the day: Hot Chocolate “Everyone’s a winner”




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