The major headlines

I’m feeling a little National Enquirer today, so hold on tight, I’ve got some wild headlines for you …

Headline No.1: Happy birthday to my favourite person in the world (that I’m not related to)!

Yep, it’s DD’s birthday! He’s very unimpressed with the numeral involved, so I won’t mention what it is.

I don’t think he should be bothered at all. I think he looks even spunkier than he did when we first met and I’m so thrilled we found each other – he’s the bee’s knees.

He went to a group workout session at Muscle Beach with The Warrior last night and the gang gave him a birthday cake decorated with pictures of sexy doctors!


I’m not celebrating with him today because ….

Headline No.2: We slept with meerkats on Sunday night!

Well, that’s not entirely accurate. It was just the two of us in the mosquito-net-draped four-poster bed drinking bubbles …

The meerkats were in an enclosure just outside our room. Here’s some meerkat porn:

We went to Jamala Lodge in Canberra for the night, which was very fancy. We spent the afternoon roaming the gorgeous National Zoo, then enjoyed a gourmet three-course dinner with a backdrop of sharks and other fabulous fishies (oh, and bottomless glasses of Moet champagne).

Then the next morning we were taken on a guided tour of the zoo, where we got to feed some of the wildlife:

It was bloody cold, but bulk fun.

Here are a few more animal highlights, I’ll give you the full story on The Thirsty Travellers soon:

So cool, right?

However, I was a bit miserable as we were driving home because it reminded me how much I need more than a day’s break from normal life. I could barely keep my eyes open in the car until DD bought me a piccolo in Goulburn.

I felt teary with tiredness last night – it didn’t help that I realised I’d forgotten to tell my ex that the youngest had her orthodontist appointment yesterday morning. They’d sent me the reminder on Friday, but I was so swamped with Australian Drinks Awards stuff that it slipped my mind. I was trudging around Woolies wearily doing the grocery shopping when I thought to myself that I’d better not make anything with tumeric in it because the youngest doesn’t want the plastic in her braces to turn yellower … and then BANG, I remembered and almost cried because the youngest had been desperate to get the tumeric-stained plastic changed over.

Now she has to wait two weeks until she can get another appointment. Sob.

Speaking of my ex …

Headline No.3: I’m getting a divorce!

I think. I hope. Fingers crossed.

I was having a drink on Friday afternoon with a new work contact who used to be an old work contact (she’s moved from ACP to IRI) when my phone went ping and I checked and it was a message from my ex asking if it would be OK for him to start divorce proceedings. I fist pumped the air and said “Yes! My ex just asked for a divorce!”

The old-new work contact looked a little startled by my joy, until I explained that I’d already filled out the paperwork twice and he’d let it lapse both times and I’d been too busy lately to fill it out a third time, so I was STOKED that he was doing it.

I wonder if my ex wants a divorce because he’s getting remarried? The youngest will be thrilled – she’s dying to be a bridesmaid.

Song of the day: Beyonce “Single ladies”








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