Magic all around you

I am stoked that after almost six years together I can still stare at a picture of DD like a love-struck teenager.

I shared the photo in yesterday’s blog post. It’s this one:

I feel so smiley every time I look at it. It shows the man I love looking exactly as he does in my mind’s eye … well, perhaps not in gym gear and holding a cake with pictures of sexy doctors on it … but you get the idea.

It might be my favourite photo of DD ever. Well, other than this one of us together at Bluesfest a few years back:

DD popped over last night on his way home from a birthday dinner with his kids to get his pressies from me..

He’d already received one of his gifts on Monday – a sink drainer thingy from IKEA, very romantic. He left me to wander around Canberra IKEA for a couple of hours while he went to a business meeting in the city. I had a lovely, relaxed time drifting around without worrying that I was boring anyone silly. I got myself a sink for my soon-to-be-revamped kitchen, plus other bits and bobs.

Last night I gave DD a bottle of Peterson’s red and four photos on canvas of sunrises we’ve enjoyed together. I don’t get to the shops much these days, so there wasn’t time for a lot of creativity. He deserves heaps more – he’s someone who is always doing things for other people and deserves to have people doing things for him more often. He’s also been very patient with the emotional rollercoaster that’s been me this year. Thanks Spunky.

Song of the day: Stevie Nicks “Rooms on fire”


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