Smashing time

I worked from home with a unique soundtrack yesterday: an indigenous bloke jackhammering all the tiles off my second toilet room while singing Aboriginal songs. It was quite something. Lovely and headache inducing at the same time.

With the tiles gone you can see how it was once an outside toilet.

Over the weekend, in between gawping at wild animals and toasting DD with champagne, I bought all my renovation bits and bobs from Bunnings and IKEA: kitchen sink, bathroom vanity, new toilet, taps, exhaust fans etc. The hallway is piled high with boxes.

I’m keen for it to be finished. It’s getting a bit annoying to be working in the middle of the living room (and mess) while worrying the dogs will escape.

But the final results will be very exciting. DD and I have already tested out lounging on the new deck with a glass of wine in hand and it was very nice.

I also feel quite lucky that I can still be renovating, with Melbourne in Stage 4 lockdown. So many people must be doing it tough down there employment wise – gardeners aren’t even allowed to work in people’s backyards any more.

I hope the drastic measures get things under control soon so the economy can reopen.

Last night I headed over to my sister’s to pick up a few loads of washing, since I’m still sans laundry facilities. She was on a work call when I arrived yesterday morning to put the first load on, so I shoved all the dirty clothes into the machine, then couldn’t for the life of me work out why I couldn’t find the drawer to put the washing powder in.

I ducked off and texted to say I’d had a bit of trouble.

She replied “That’s because you put it in the dryer you doofus.”


Thank heavens I didn’t just chuck the powder in and turn it on.

I pulled on my cossie and uggs after dinner and dropped a bottle of bubbles over to her last night, then hopped into the spa with a glass of it to toast sisterhood.

And I made sure my mobile phone made it home with me this time.

PS So much tragic news in Australia and the world yesterday. Hope you are doing OK.

Song of the day: Boom Crash Opera “Get out of the house”


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