Needing a lift

I am smack-bang in the middle of the taxi years. There is way more driving involved in every phase of parenting than I could have ever imagined, but I think it peaks when your eldest child hits high school and I expect it continues until the last one gets their driver’s licence.

I am blanking out the hell that will be teaching my kids to drive. One isn’t interested yet and one isn’t old enough.

The taxi years are exhausting. There are lifts to bus stops, lifts to school, lifts to train stations, lifts to op shops, lifts to orthodontist appointments, lifts to skipping training …

I was knackered yesterday because I woke up at sparrow’s fart, panicking about how I was going to fit all the driving into my day. I had to blog, shower, get dressed for work and walk the dogs before 7.15am, when I needed to drive the youngest to the bus stop for netball academy training at her school.

Then I drove to work via the coffee shop and slammed my working day, before turning around to drive one kid to a late afternoon class, pick the other one up from the bus stop again, head briefly home before turning around and driving her to skipping training, head to my sister’s to grab another load of washing and wearily return home to make dinner for the kids when they finally arrived home from their commitments.


I could barely keep my eyes open after dinner, but 7.45pm seemed a little early for bed.

The eldest and I will be lying on the couch eating pizza and watching a movie tonight after my ex collects the youngest for her weekend with him. I am done in the kitchen for the week. Done.

It doesn’t help that I feel like I’ve used up my year’s worth of resilience when it’s only early August. And I’ve had a pretty easy time of it compared to others. Are you feeling overwhelmed by 2020 too? It has a lot to answer for.

In other news, the plumber came over yesterday and put in all the pipes for my new powder room and shower/laundry room. Very exciting!

I’m now yearning to renovate my main bathroom and have been avidly perusing bathtubs on the Bunnings website. My bathroom is only 2.7 metres by 1.8 metres, which doesn’t allow for much wriggle room. The youngest wants to ditch the bathtub in favour of a big shower, but I like having a bath every now and then. I also reckon that since my house will always be a first-home-owner’s special and those buyers usually have little kids, then a bath is a sensible thing to have. What do you think?

I have plenty of time to make up my mind, since the current renovation is going to leave me totally skint.

Speaking of exciting, I’m looking forward to the weekend after another hectic week, despite the fact it’s going to be 15C and pissing down. It will be good to go to sleep for a couple of nights not worrying about everything I need to do the next day.

I’m also counting down to a week off next month … and sulking a bit/lot because I can’t go to Queensland and warm up. I may have to resign myself to heading to a chilly destination for a day or two so it feels like I’ve had a break and not just slunk around the house cleaning up after the renovation. There is dust EVERYWHERE.

OK, enough whingeing from me for one day. Have an awesome weekend and I will catch you on Monday.

Song of the day: Joni Mitchell “Big yellow taxi”


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