Big bangs

Elvis returned to the building yesterday to continue working on my deck and didn’t swear at all … I think it was a combination of not having any builder mates to swear with plus the realization there were young children gamboling in the garden next door.

It must have taken a lot of restraint for Elvis because it sounded like it was very painful work nail gunning the deck.There was a lot of grunting and groaning and exclaiming going on outside.

I’m so glad I don’t build decks for a living, it didn’t seem like much fun.

Sans swearing it was still unsettling to try and work during Elvis’ labours because nail guns are very noisy things. I flinched my way through the first few hours of gun fire until the banging finally became white noise.

The deck is coming together nicely.  Here’s an updated pic:

Probably not that exciting for anyone other than me, but it’s pretty uneventful working from home every day, so you’re stuck with my renovation rundown.

DD dropped by for a few minutes on his way to the dentist and gave the work the thumbs up … mainly I think because it gets him off the hook – he suggested a while ago that he might build me a deck if I couldn’t afford a professional builder.

Seeing how long its taking Elvis I’d hate to think how hellish it would have been for DD.

In other mundane news, I made a tactical error yesterday during a business meeting at my local cafe with the publisher of Drink Trade magazine. He’s obviously a caffeine addict because he talked me into having my second double-shot flat white of the day and then into having a single-shot flat white chaser. I am so easily led.

I was a bit zonked from my 4.45am wake up, so I thought it might help perk me up, but it just made me feel a bit queasy. My stomach was still roiling when I went to bed last night.

I do love a chitter chatter about magazines though, so that part was bulk fun.

Have a happy Tuesday and keep your fingers crossed that Elvis finishes my deck today because I’m not sure my back can take another day of clambering over the joists to take the dogs out for wees.

Song of the day: Elvis “A little less conversation”











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