Scary out there

Have I mentioned that I live on a VERY busy road?

Have I mentioned that the builders don’t know how to close a door or gate?

I’m pretty sure I have.

Anyways … the builders left yesterday afternoon, I picked Bilbo up from the vet after his rectal surgery and came home to discover some exciting photographs in my inbox for an article I was writing. I started editing them in PicMonkey, then heard a faint bark …

I looked up and thought where are the dogs?

I went out into the backyard and realised the side gate was open and both dogs were GONE.

Argh. It was around 5pm – peak traffic hour. Argh! Argh! Argh!

Fortunately, it turned out the faint bark was Bilbo at the front door going Fark! It’s really scary out here, let me inside!

So I did, then I ran panicked out onto the footpath looking for the other bloody one. I was convinced he was dead. How could he not be dead when he has absolutely no road sense and the traffic is whizzing along at 60km per hour? But then I saw the neighbour with Charlie bounding delightedly along beside him. Apparently he’d found him way up the street.

I grabbed the dog and thanked the neighbour profusely. My heart was still pounding for ages afterwards.

It turns out the side gate no longer closes properly. I think it might have something to do with another forced builder entry and all the wet weather. I need a visit from handyman DD, though he must be getting VERY sick of fixing that bloody gate.

It would appear Bilbo has recovered quite well from his traumatic experience at the vet. I’m sure it helped that he was injected with methadone as his pain relief (according to the bill). No wonder he didn’t get very far when he escaped.

Hellllpppp! Everything is spinning …

The surgery was also cheaper than I was expecting – only $600 after the $230 I spent on Sunday. Cheap as chips. Nah, not cheap at all, but every dollar counts.

Song of the day: Crowded House “Distant Sun”






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