Not the day for it

My office reopened yesterday after being shuttered for almost four months. I’ve been working from home since the youngest got tonsillitis in mid March and the rest of the team departed the building soon after.

Talk about unfortunate timing for our return. I don’t know what the weather was like around your way, but it was bucketing down in Sydney. So donned my ALDI gumboots and puffer jacket and braved the elements to sit at my work desk rather than my home one.

I had to cancel the builders for the day because I couldn’t trust them to keep gates and doors shut to ensure the dogs didn’t escape while I wasn’t there.

The dogs also has to be locked inside because the stairs down from the deck haven’t been build yet and Bilbo can’t get up and down into the backyard without human assistance. It turns out Charlie is the unexpected brains of the pair – he’s discovered a gap under the old laundry door entrance than he can squeeze under when he fancies a run around outside. Bilbo just cowers under the deck shaking and has to be cajoled to come out.

It’s bulk fun. No it’s not. And then I have to dry between all his toes because of his new allergy diagnosis.

Anyways, nine hours is a long time to leave two dogs with nowhere to poo or wee other than the floor. But bless them, they held it in until I returned last night.

It was also a shock to my system having to get dressed into something other than tracksuit pants and put on make-up. But somehow I managed to make myself presentable.

The youngest was very miffed in the afternoon when she texted to ask for a lift home from the bus stop in the gouting rain and I said I wasn’t available.

There are adjustments to be made by all of us in the transition back to the workplace

Fortunately I’m at home again today, so I can lift dogs on and off the deck as required, make sure the builders don’t leave any doors open and drop Bilbo to the vet at 8.30am for his rectal surgery.

Poor Bilbo (that’s him hiding under a chair at the vet on Sunday).

I’m back in the office again on Thursday, so I may have to lock the dogs in the bathroom to keep my stress levels under control in regard to open doors and full bladders.

Fingers crossed the building work is over soon so I can try to start sleeping properly again (although the sound of the rain was quite soothing last night).

On the plus side, from a scientific experiment aspect it would appear I eat less when I am in the office. I skipped breakfast, had an apple for morning tea then my lunch at that was it. Well, until I got home and tried two of those new mud cake Shortbread Creams that Arnotts has released as a special edition. I have no idea why I gobbled the second one because the first one was a waste of calories.

Last night I bolted up to DD’s to feed him curried sausages as a thank you for washing and drying three loads of washing for me. He’s a keeper.

The washing machine is out of action for the foreseeable future during the renos. The builder swears the plumber is starting today … Elvis the carpenter, on the other hand, just swears.

Stay tuned. Geez this rain is relentless.

PS That’s my sister and I in the main pic at my nan’s house in matching frocks as little ‘uns. Nawwww.

Song of the day: Garbage “Only happy when it rains”


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