Alternative therapies

Do you ever have restless nights where you feel awake and asleep at the same time? Last night was filled with waking dreams, tinged with COVID-19 and work anxiety. The two are closely entwined right now because many of the NSW cases are linked to licensed venues, so I’m constantly researching stories about them. It’s... Continue Reading →

So classy

You'll be pleased to hear I don't think I’ll die of alcoholism. I'm not sure I ever had the capacity for it, but it appears to be completely out of the question at age 52. I don't have the stomach for excessive consumption of booze. A tipple, on the other hand, can be quite fun.... Continue Reading →

No aloha

The youngest was meant to perform her solo routine at the World Skipping Championships in Ottawa yesterday. It popped up in my phone calendar: "CANCELLED: Junior World Skipping Championships". We were supposed to drive to New York tomorrow to fly to Hawaii for a week. No aloha for us. Damn you, COVID-19. We had a... Continue Reading →

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