The irony

I keep telling DD about a business I want to start. He keeps replying that I need to do a business plan first.

I haven’t done one because I don’t know how and it seems too hard.

Yesterday I was commissioned to write a story about how to write a business plan to ensure your small business doesn’t fail.

Ah, the irony.

It was a big day – I also refreshed a website for a client, wrote 1500 alcohol stories (spring is the busiest time of year for drinks companies), velveted some chicken (more about that on Saturday) and took delivery of some Belvedere ‘Organic Infusions’ vodka sodas.

The range uses certified organic Belvedere Polish rye vodka, a blend of organic fruit and botanical infusions, and sparkling water. It contains no sugar, no artificial flavours or preservatives, and has less than 83 calories per can. Clever marketing – I’ve convinced myself it’s healthy. They sent me a four-pack of my favourite – Blackberry & Lemongrass with a hint of sage.

I sipped a can last night while watching Memoirs of a Geisha with the youngest. We both found it so disturbing that a married man bought a child a cup of shaved ice, then secretly organised her geisha education – which included men paying to deflower her – because he fancied her. The “happy ending” is her becoming his mistress. Ewwww.

As for my small business idea, I’m getting so busy with freelance and contracting work that I’m not sure I have time to start one – even though it’s an absolute corker, my best ever.

Damn I want to start that business. If I came into a shedload of money I’d do it, just for fun.

Have a fabulous weekend. Stay safe Melbourne.

Song of the day: Alanis Morissette “Ironic”

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