Sneaking things in

The youngest and I snuck to Freshwater Beach yesterday during our respective lunch breaks. It was sunny and quiet and the water was GLORIOUS.

It was so clear that it looked like we were swimming on a tropical island … except for the fact it was bloody freezing.

The youngest was so excited to be back at an ocean beach after 106 days of lockdown. Life will get way more complicated next week when she goes back to face-to-face schooling. I figured we should make the most of her last few days of flexibility.

After working on our goosebumps for 15 minutes in the waves, we headed to a Freshie jeweller called Alana Maria to look at earrings for her year 10 formal.

The jeweller wasn’t chosen on the basis of its uber cool name, but because – apparently – every girl on the Northern Beaches wears Alana Maria. It’s the done thing.

I was blissfully unaware.

Buying earrings for the school formal will be expensive because the youngest has eight piercings. Bloody hell, how did she sneak those in?

I will only be paying for TWO earrings as that is the appropriate amount. She’ll have to pony up for the other six.

(Mind you, the eldest has a belly button piercing and two mouth piercings and is threatening to get horrifying face ones, which makes eight ear piercings seem rather tame. I don’t really get any it, as I don’t have piercings, not even my ears.)

Less expensive – but equally exciting – was me getting two new coffee tables at ALDI yesterday.

ALDI is definitely not where I was expecting to make interior decorating purchases.

I couldn’t resist when I saw them in the catalogue. They’re supposed to be side tables for children’s beds, but I reckon they work just as well in my living room.

OK, gotta go write about Victoria reopening. Deep breath, good luck guys. Catch you tomorrow.

Song of the day: Kool & The Gang “Fresh”

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