The seven-year itch

DD and I are celebrating our seventh anniversary this month. We had our first “date” at the Terrey Hills Tavern on October 12, 2014.

He’d messaged me a few days earlier via RSVP and we decided to meet at a halfway point for a quick cider.

We laid our cards on the table during that first hour, revealed our raw, unvarnished stories, and he still asked about having another date as we parted.

I told him: “I think you should Google me first.”

He did and was undeterred by my colourful history. Less than a week later, we were texting each other 100 times a day. I even enlisted him to “virtually” hold my hand via text message while I was in the gynaecologist’s waiting room, prior to getting a Mirena inserted (not for birth control purposes, but to try and avoid having a hysterectomy due to lady plumbing issues). I noted on the blog that it was lovely of him, considering he was heading overseas that day and really needed to be packing instead of fielding “I’m sooooooo scared!!!!!” messages.

Pretty intimate, considering we hadn’t even met in person for a second time at that point.

When he returned from the US, he asked me to take down my RSVP profile and I became enveloped in a dopamine haze that I still haven’t completely emerged from.

There’s not even a hint of seven-year itchiness on our horizon … probably because we don’t live together.

According to Psychology Today: “The basic idea behind the “seven-year itch” is that romantic partners experience turbulence and a potential point-of-reckoning around seven years together. Viewed as a critical juncture, the seven-year itch is defined as a time when couples re-evaluate: They either realise that their relationship isn’t working, or they feel deeply satisfied and committed to their relationship.”

I can’t speak for DD, but I’m in the satisfied camp. Although I frequently wish we didn’t live quite so far part.

The only turbulence in my life yesterday was caused by me having a strong flat white at 7am, then another with a client at 9am.

I was vibrating until the late afternoon. Must remember that one cup of coffee a day is sufficient.

My stress levels weren’t helped by a second client meeting at 12.30pm, alongside another mammoth day of cooking in the Hothouse Kitchen. I made Ethiopian roast chicken with a roasted eggplant salad and mashed potato, antipasto pasta bake, chilli con carne, guacamole, and a chicken & roasted cashew salad with lemon yogurt dressing.

It was FULL ON. I was knackered by the time I made my second batch of Ethopian chicken with chips because the eldest doesn’t like mash. And then the youngest announced she doesn’t like roast chicken, so that was a bit of a blow out.

The domestic chaos doesn’t leave much time for celebrating seventh anniversaries, though I did have a lovely roast with DD at the Four Pines on Sunday night.

Now that I come to think of it, October 2014 was a pretty big month for me all round. Aside from meeting the love of my life, I also bought my house.

I do have a seven-year itch about THAT, because I never usually stay put for more than five years in a property. However, I’ve resolved to hang in here until the youngest finishes high school.

Not that I can afford to move anyway – Sydney property prices have gone officially nuts.

Song of the day: Willie Nelson “Seven year itch”

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