Feeding my soul (and my spare tyre)

I’ve done so many fab things since I last blogged.

The eldest and I went to Narrabeen Beach to eat burgers from Two Hungry Bears.

Damn they were gooooood.

Below is a pic from their Facebook page …

The food on the right is loaded scallops, but we didn’t have enough room in our bellies to order them.

Loaded. Scallops.

Are there two more delicious sounding words?

We were there because I was hoping to see some bioluminescene, but it’s all gone back out to sea.

Just to remind you what it looks like, here’s a pic from Jervis Bay …

Oh how I’d love to see that in real life.

We still had a fabulous time though, wandering along the sand in the warm evening breeze to Narabeen rock pool after dinner.

On Saturday, I explored another Sydney headland in my quest to conquer all the rocky outcrops north of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. This time it was Dobroyd Head, which is near Balgowlah. We started at Clontarf beach and wandered around the coastline. We only got about halfway due to time constraints, so I’m keen to return and do the full headland.

The flannel flowers were out in full force, with hundreds dotting the path. They were gorgeous.

Then I popped up to DD’s and we went out for date night at a local restaurant called Lovat. I loved being dressed up and clinking wine glasses at a table for two.

We had BBQ octopus with rocket, chickpeas, cashew, chilli & lemon oil; burrata with smoked tomato and cracked green olives; crab pasta; barramundi with Sri Lankan curry sauce; and shared a chocolate mousse-y thing for dessert.

Here are some food porn pics of our entrees:

And it was dinner with a show – the woman at the next table hooked into five lychee martinis in less than an hour and looked like she was lining up for a sixth when we left. Blimey.

Aside for my concerns about her ability to wobble back out of the restaurant in high heels without coming a cropper, it was a great night. I was so smiley as I drove home.

Sunday was lovely too, a couple of walks, a Zoom call with friends, sausages and mash with DD …

Hope your weekend also went well. It’s exciting week ahead for me, filled with post-lockdown firsts including lunch in the city with a client and my first concert since March. Stay tuned …

Song of the day: Dave Dobbin “Slice of heaven”

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