How does a knockdown sell for $3.7m?

I got an email this week from a real estate agent, informing me they’d sold a house in a nearby suburb at auction for $3.7million, despite it being “completely uninhabitable”.

Oh. Em. Effing. Gee.

What the hell is happening here?

Further to my blog post yesterday about keeping a roof over your head on low wages, I have no idea how young people will ever get into the Sydney property market. The fact buyers are prepared to spend $3.7million on a derelict house … I’m stunned.

Where is all the crazy money coming from?

What happens when interest rates eventually go up?

While it’s good news for the value of my house, it’s only useful if I leave Sydney and move somewhere more affordable.

So much for my Northern Beaches dream.

In happier news, a box arrived on my doorstep yesterday.

Inside it were the ingredients to make a Vegetable & Honey Galette … plus two bottles of Taylors Wine. It’s part of a promotion by the winemaker – each week Bondi-based chef Guy Turland is doing live cooking tutorials on their Facebook page

Guy’s galette looked like this:

My version looked like this:

(I had to put it back in the oven after taking the photo because I realized it needed more browning.)

The youngest was supposed to help make the galette, but she decided to go to the beach with her friends instead. Fickle.

I consoled myself with some Taylors chardy.

Fancy giving the next cooking class a go? They take place live on Taylors Wines Facebook Page, with the ingredients posted the week before. So get your laptop and head over to just before 6pm on Wednesdays.

Bon appetit!

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