Happy snaps

Every year or two, Husband’s family go on holiday together. Eight kids and eight adults pack their Thules, pile into their cars and hit the road.

Sometimes we drive to middle son’s house in Melbourne, sometimes to the patriach’s in Albury. There have been idyllic stays in townhouses in Port Douglas, a rambling country homestead outside Nowra, timeshare apartments near Coffs Harbour and, last week, a massive eight-bedroom mansion in the Matcham Valley.

Wherever we meet, no matter how humble or grand, a magical time is had by all. And our latest holiday was no exception.

To prove it, here are some happy snaps …


Most mornings I went for a walk and admired the local scenery, which looked like this …


and this …


and this …

In the evening I’d sit on the blissfully mozzie-free verandah and eat dinner looking out at this …

On Christmas Day I enjoyed a feast of roast pumpkin with sage butter, roast beef, turkey, ham, waldorf salad, rice salad and roast potatoes.

Followed by a dessert of homemade pavlova.

And washed down with a bottle of regretfully past-it Grange.

On Boxing Day, Ood races were held in the backyard to celebrate the Doctor Who Christmas special …



They were followed by an Ood fight. The local wildlife were stoked .. all those funny-tasting worms to gobble from the grass …

One day, we battled the traffic to the beach and went for an icy dip in the surf.

Then crunched barbecue chips on the sand.

There was face painting. Scary for some …

Sweet for others.

I’m sure my regular readers can guess who chose what.

Yesterday, we all hugged and said our fond farewells. But not before I spent four hours obsessively searched the internet for our next gathering place.

I fantasised long and hard about staying here

Before reality gave me a big shake and suggested we head to Melbourne to my brother-in-law’s house. Much cheaper and we all just squeeze in. There’s a pool, trampoline, Wii … and the best friends a kid can have – their cousins.

The grown-ups aren’t bad either.

I can’t wait, I just wish it wasn’t a whole year away.

So, how’s your week been? Got any holiday house suggestions for parties of 16 that I might’ve missed on http://www.stayz.com.au?

4 thoughts on “Happy snaps

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  1. Bugger Melbourne. Port Douglas looks awesome. I’d never leave the house!
    No luxury for me this week. Working the days that weren’t public holidays and weekends. Christmas Day spent with great company in Bathurst in the rain, sipping Piper (I was driving).
    I know a holiday place in Jindabyne that sleeps 16 but it doesn’t get rented out. Not that our whole family have been down there at once. I’m not into skiing. Mum and Dad are there this weekend alone.

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