10 fab holiday snacks for kids

Keeping food up to the kids during the school holidays is exhausting. They’re constantly hungry, but offers of a Cruskit with Vegemite or piece of fruit are met with a sneer. Spoilt brats. So I’ve been researching snack ideas that are big on both taste and novelty. Here are the top 10 bites I’ll be trying over the next few weeks:


1. Living Locurto has created these adorable strawberry mice.


2. The Everything Woman suggests brushing the inside of a glass with honey then sprinkling it with 100′s and 1000′s. Add milk and dazzle the kids.


3. For tips on making these cute butterfly snack packs, go to Squawkfox.com.


4. Dab hand with a carving knife? This shark watermelon scattered with Swedish Fish at Megduerksen is so cool.


5. How clever are these crab croissants from spoonful.com


6. These yummy smiles from Family Fun are made with apple wedges, mini marshmallows and peanut butter.


7. Also from Family Fun are these savoury snails, heaps of fun … if your kids are into pickles …


8. How about creating these cute egg chicks from JustJENN?


9. I am totally in love with these rainbow pancakes from I Sing In the Kitchen. I’m just not thinking too much about how much food coloring they contain …


10. Last but not least, We Love Being Moms created this clever dip flower that looks adorable and is healthy to boot.

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