10 fun pizzas for kids

School holidays mean six weeks with occasionally bored, always hungry kids underfoot. Why not kill two birds with one stone and do some pizza decorating – and eating – together. Here are some of my favourite suggestions from around the globe. 1. How fab are these mummy pizzas (above) from Parents.com? 2. Americans love their […]

Secret desires, champagne and a spa

What do you really want for Christmas? Not the talc and body lotion sets, the new frying pans or the slippers. I’m talking the stuff you could have if you could ask Santa for ANYTHING. I just got tagged in my very first meme by Shambolic Living. Thx Shambles! I’m not quite sure what it […]

HouseGoesHollywood: Simon’s casual affair with Carmen, screwed over by Blake, Jamie’s jammies …

      Simon’s casual affair with Carmen Simon Cowell has confirmed he’s dating Carmen Electra but … “She’s not my girlfriend,” he told On Air with Ryan Seacrest. “We’re people who date.” Now, some women might be offended to have their relationship described that way, but perhaps she’ll forgive him since he added, “She’s adorable, isn’t she?” […]

Meeting the real Santa

Four years ago, I met the real Santa. He was at Santaland, in the Macy’s department store in New York. It had to be him – he had a real beard and everything. At the very least, it was an extremely close relative, like a brother or a nephew or a fifth cousin once removed. Sprog […]

Ooooh … I is skinny!

A lovely friend invited me to the opening of the Anish Kapoor exhibition at the MCA yesterday. I had no idea who Anish Kapoor was, but I don’t get out much so I said yes. It was a media event, featuring a Q&A with the artist and lots of arty farty journalists trying to outdo […]

Housegoeshollywood: Hugh’s miscarriage heartache

I’ve been missing my Hollywood fix on HouseGoesHome, so here’s today’s installment of HouseGoesHollywood … Hugh Jackman opened his heart on the Katie show this week, discussing the adoption of his children, son Oscar, 12, and daughter Ava, 7, and the trauma of his wife Deborra Lee‘s miscarriages.   “To be clear, Deb and I always wanted to adopt. So that was […]

Cheesy salmon casserole

Husband and I ate this dish all the time before the Sprogs. It reminds him of his childhood – lots of tinned fishy casseroles. No tinned fishy casseroles in my childhood – we were strictly a chops and veg family. I’ve been avoiding serving it to the Sprogs, as I could hear the complaints from […]

You’ve got to be kidding me

Things I remember about infants school: learning to sing ‘Frere Jacques’, poking around in drains for coins to buy 6-cent packets of Chickadees from the canteen, being mortified that I couldn’t pronounce “choir” during a reading test with the principal (couldn’t understand why it wasn’t choy-er), sitting on painted circles drinking warm milk out of glass […]