Accidental body attack

I’ve been trying … but usually failing … to get to the gym more often to shake off the spare tyre and back injury.

So I bolted out of the office at noon yesterday for a quickie 30-minute pump class at my local gym.

Except I got the time wrong. The class is at 12.15pm on a Monday, but 12.45pm on a Thursday.


It’s Body Attack at 12.15pm on a Thursday. Body Attack is a martial artsy/boxing-inspired cardio group exercise workout.

That means lots of high kicks and punching and co-ordination.

The punching was quite therapeutic during this week’s grump-a-thon, but the high kicks and co-ordination were a bit out of my league.

Still, it actually wasn’t too bad other than the fact I looked like this while I was doing it:

Whenever I totally lost track of what I was supposed to be doing I just waved my arms and legs around and hoped for the best.

I was quite sweaty and endorphin charged afterwards, which has to be good.

Then I went back to the office to await my 2pm pre-scheduled call with a nice man at Apple so we could check my account hadn’t been hacked.

Rewinding to 5.45am, I woke up to the horrifying discovery that I’d been locked out of my gmail account, Apple account and Facebook due to someone trying to hack them. Just a few days ago some low life from Penang also tried to crack my Instagram account.

Between the damn hackers, the scammers pretending to be lonely army generals and the eejits who constantly ring my phone looking for Mrs My-Ex’s-Last-Name to discuss her electricity account … I’ve always been Alana House, big red flag they’re NOT LEGIT.

Geez! Stop ruining digital technology for me guys!

Ah well, thank god it’s Friday.

What AM I TALKING about? The weekend is one long school band frenzy.

Of course, something lovely invariably happens too. I’ll let you know what it was on Monday. Have a good one!

Song of the day: Simple Minds “Alive and Kicking”


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