That’s a terrifying idea

I got rattled the other day by the strangest thing: someone suggested I go away for a weekend on my own. A wave of panic swept over me. OK, maybe just a ripple. But my reaction was quite visceral. And I’ve been trying to work out why. I’m sooooooo not the sort of person who goes […]

Hurts so good

My left butt cheek was vigorously massaged by a lovely woman called Margot yesterday. It hurt so good. Margot is the physio who’s trying to fix my Shanghai hip injury. Remember how I screwed it up by sitting on the concrete twisted at a funny angle taking photographs of the closing ceremony of the 2018 […]

I don’t know how he does it

Poor DD is heading to China again on Sunday for a whirlwind few days of business presentations. He just got back last night from two days in Melbourne. And trips to Japan and the UK are potentially looming after that. People think it’s glamorous that he’s constantly travelling. But it’s exhausting to be doing those […]

Was that reasonable?

I’ve been a journalist since I was 17 and it means I’m wary of the media. I understand their hunger for scoops, clicks, ratings, headlines. Kathleen Folbigg speaking publicly for the first time – from prison – was a big score for Australian Story last night. The story was prompted by frustration over how long […]

I needed that

I had such a soul-soothing weekend. It kicked off with my regular Saturday morning walk with my local mum mates. We wander along a bush trail together, then have coffee, talking up a storm the whole time. I really look forward to it each week. Then I drove to DD’s place to get his new […]

An update on Kathy

It’s been such a hectic week – I headed back to work, decided to make Hainanese chicken rice from scratch, plus I’ve been helping my friends behind the Justice for Kathleen Folbigg movement. I launched a website for them and have been tinkering with the associated Facebook page that goes with it. I underestimated how […]

55-year-old men are really hot

A long time ago I wrote a dodgy blog post called “50-year-old men are really hot”. All these years later it still gets clicks  – there must be heaps of fellow silver fox fanciers out there. I fell in love with mine four years ago. It was his 55th birthday last weekend – I posted […]

The ugly bits

OK, I’ve told you all the good stuff about my visit to Shanghai. Now it’s time for the reality check: the trip broke me a bit. I’m on the mend, but I was pretty low for the last few days there and the first few back. There have been some tough moments in 2018 that […]

Oh the places I go

There wasn’t much time for sightseeing in Shanghai – we were mainly shuttling back and forth between the World Jump Rope Championships and our suburban hotel, but I managed to squeeze in a few fun experiences along the way. One of my favourites was arriving on The Bund in a torrential downpour and accidentally taking […]

Shanghai food freak out

Friends gave me lots of great tips on delicious places to eat when I was in Shanghai. But I didn’t get to try any of them because the World Rope Skipping Championships were held in the Shanghai equivalent of Hornsby. And Shanghai was so farking hot that I usually couldn’t face the 45 minute commute into […]