I don’t know how he does it

Poor DD is heading to China again on Sunday for a whirlwind few days of business presentations.

He just got back last night from two days in Melbourne.

And trips to Japan and the UK are potentially looming after that.

People think it’s glamorous that he’s constantly travelling. But it’s exhausting to be doing those long-haul flights, hopping off the plane, battling the customs queues and heading straight to work. I’d hate it.

When he’s not travelling, he’s on international conference calls, sometimes until past 11pm.

I don’t know how he does it and stay so calm. But he’s almost invariably zen and rarely loses his temper. It makes him very chill to hang out with, except if you’re hoping to get somewhere on time. He’s a bit rubbery on ETAs.

He’s also a bit in la-la land about how over-committed his life is, so he does crazy things like build his own 20 metre fence.

The fence actually looks pretty amazing. It’s one of those decorative slatted ones in some type of fancy timber. He loves a bit of DIY, though I think he ended up regretting the fence decision, as it’s meant there’s been very little free time over the past few weeks.

I’m trying to entice him to run away with me for a night or two. It has to be somewhere cheap because I’m approaching poor as a church mouse status again following my Shanghai shemozzle.

Sadly, I don’t think DD will have any free time available in his calendar until around 2022.

Because I’m the queen of planning, I’ve already decided on my budget getaway destination: Fingal Bay. I’m so eager I may have to take the kids instead. I showed them some photos of it last night to try and get them on board.

They expressed mild, polite interest. Come to think of it, that’s about all DD has shown too …

Growing up in Newcastle, I’d heard of Fingal Bay, but I thought it was on Lake Macquarie for some reason. Nope, it’s in Port Stephens and it’s GLORIOUS.

Fingal Bay was originally known as False Bay as, in the 19th century, it was sometimes mistaken for the entrance to Port Stephens. It’s surrounded by the beautiful Tomaree National Park and has a magnificent beach with a walk across “the spit” at low tide to view the burnt out ruins of the outer lighthouse residence.

The sand bar was once a permanent access road to the island, but that was washed away by the Maitland Gale in 1898.

Here are some pics:

There’s a holiday park beside the beach that has little cabins you can reserve. I’m already imagining myself splashing in the water in my wetsuit and booking a boat trip for a spot of whale watching.

A girl’s gotta dream, even if she’s having trouble finding someone to share it with …

Song of the day: Martha & The Muffins “Echo Beach”

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  1. Fingal Bay is gorgeous. Went there when I was in Port Stephens fixing computers for Y2K prep in 1999 (how many people can say “I helped avert an apocalypse?” Thousands. Haha). It’s well worth the visit.

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