I needed that

I had such a soul-soothing weekend.

It kicked off with my regular Saturday morning walk with my local mum mates. We wander along a bush trail together, then have coffee, talking up a storm the whole time. I really look forward to it each week.

Then I drove to DD’s place to get his new living room in order. His work has been insanely busy lately, so there was still stuff piled up everywhere. After we decluttered, he took me out for a barra burger to say thank you.

We went to an awesome little place called The Waterfront Cafe & General Store, which is beside the Scotland Island ferry wharf. It’s an open-air gem filled with pot plants and fairy lights, serving an Italianish menu of pastas and pizzas and burgers and fancier stuff.

The view was fabulous and the food wasn’t too bad either.We shared a tiramisu for dessert, then headed to the beach for a swim.

DD was very not keen on having a swim, but I was determined to get my fix.

Google said the sea temperature was 17C, but DD reckons it was more like 15C. His “wetsuit” rashie wasn’t up to the task, whereas I was toasty in my Rip Curl wettie that I can still just manage to shoehorn myself into.

My swim was GLORIOUS. It felt so good to be back in the ocean after months on dry land that I cried. It was almost better than sex.

After a hot shower, we sipped a glass of rose on DD’s deck, then I pootled back home to let my fur babies in.


On Sunday, I went for another lovely walk with a dear friend, then headed to Mooney Mooney Club for lunch with my folks.

Dad had another operation last week – a stent in his leg to fix a blocked artery (the precursor to his heart attack last year, but they had to wait for the heart stents to settle before they could operate again).

Mooney Mooney Club has beautiful views of the Hawkesbury and does a yummy fish and chips.

I was going to drive to Newcastle for lunch, but Mum decided Dad could do with a bit of fresh air. I wasn’t going to say no to halving my journey and it was good to give him a hug and catch up.

It was also nice to see the sparkle back in his eyes after months of misery.

Before I knew it, another precious weekend was over … and the doubts set in about the stuff that happened between the lines.

So many things went “right”, but I couldn’t stop worrying about the things that went “wrong”.

I could have been a better friend, daughter, mother, girlfriend, cook, person, housekeeper, collaborator, writer, website designer …

But today is Monday and I have another chance to do it a little better this week: be kinder, more patient, more thoughtful, listen better, try harder …

However, there’s one thing I wouldn’t change a thing about: that ocean swim. It was perfect just the way it was.

Song of the day: Vance Joy “Riptide”

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  1. Glad to hear your dad getting his sparkle back. Be kinder to yourself as well this week (says one who cannot follow her own advice).

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