55-year-old men are really hot

A long time ago I wrote a dodgy blog post called “50-year-old men are really hot”.

All these years later it still gets clicks  – there must be heaps of fellow silver fox fanciers out there.

I fell in love with mine four years ago.

It was his 55th birthday last weekend – I posted a picture of him on Facebook from waaaaaay before my time when he had dark curls and youth on his side.

I think he looked pretty hawt back then, but I also think he looks pretty hawt now. Especially in a black polo shirt.

I feel incredibly lucky that I’m just as delighted by dating him now as I was back in our early dopamine rush days.

A friend noted recently that as you get older an “any port in a storm” attitude can set in. But it’s the total opposite for me. I was like that when I was younger, clinging desperately to anyone who showed the slightest interest in me, regardless of their suitability.

This love is different. It feels balanced and energising and we don’t take it for granted.

I wanted to make DD’s birthday a bit special after last year’s disaster. Remember how I bought him tickets to see Kitty Flanagan perform in the Blue Mountains, but didn’t realise it was a matinee, so we missed it and I cried?

Happy birthday DD!

This year I started planning well in advance. I saw a CUDO offer in my inbox for a five-course degustation lunch at Cottage Point Inn on Pittwater, so I snapped it up.

I also hunted down six bottles of an Italian wine he loved at a dinner we enjoyed a few months ago, using  a voucher friends gave us as a joint birthday present.

Unfortunately, the Melbourne retailer didn’t mention that it was the Christmas edition of the wine, so instead of having a stylish black label it has faux needlepoint reindeers prancing all over the bottles.

Ah well, it’s the thought that counts.

And I bought him a new shirt in the sales that he wore to lunch. I thought it was a bit of a sign that its style name on the label was “Teal Wonder”.

I was so nervous in the lead up to lunch that I’d gotten the time or date wrong, but it all went like clockwork. The weather was glorious, as was the location.

Cottage Point Inn is right on the water’s edge at Pittwater. The view is stunning.

We had the most lovely time sipping Prosecco, taking in the view and tasting the gourmet food.

We were both still a bit sick from China, but it was still a fabulous way to celebrate.

Lucky us!

The youngest said I wasn’t allowed to say “Happy birthday hot stuff!” on his Facebook page because it was too embarrassing, so I’m saying it now.

Thank you for all the love and happiness you’ve brought into my life.

Song of the day: Jimmy Sommerville “Mighty Real”

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