So near and yet so far

One of DD’s besties joins the big 5-0 club today. Happy birthday Mike!

We celebrated the milestone with a five-course degustation dinner in Potts Point on Friday night.

Mike’s vegan, so we went to a fancy vego restaurant called Yellow. He’s also an incredibly fit and youthful 50-year-old – I’m presuming that’s why dinner was booked for the ungodly hour of 8.30pm.

That’s way closer to bedtime than dinner time for me. I joked to DD that we’d be eating kale ice-cream at midnight.

I wasn’t far off the mark – we were still at the table around midnight … but the dessert was Blueberry + Licorice + Meringe + Sheep’s Yoghurt Sorbet:

I thought this birthday pressie Mike got was pretty funny (he’s a mad cyclist and they glow in the dark):

As a few people were running late, our first course – Stracciatella + Heirloom Carrot + Riberry + Fermented Banana … – arrived just before 10pm:

Another dish was called Celeriac + Nettle + Hazelnut Milk + Black Garlic:

It was so late when the Uber finally got back to my place that DD just gave me a quick kiss in the driveway and bolted.

We were both totally knackered the next day.

To keep myself awake, I took the youngest to see Mamma Mia Here We Go Again on Saturday arvo. It was a super-weird experience because DD and his daughter arrived at the same cinema complex 20 minutes before us to watch The Spy Who Dumped Me and left 20 minutes before us. I didn’t even score a quick pash in front of the popcorn machine.

I was a bit sad about being so near and yet so far from him.

Mamma Mia Here We Go Again is not quality cinema, but I adored the closing number – Super Trouper. It was glorious fun.

And then DD whizzed past my house at 8.45am on Sunday morning, headed to the airport for his trip to China.

Due to various delays and stuff ups he didn’t get to his Shanghai hotel until 6am this morning.

He’s very not happy about that. Poor DD.

Getting back to the subject of turning 50 … I’m blaming my old age for forgetting I’m allergic to latex and suffering the consequences

When I was in hospital after having the eldest, the tape from the catheter left the most horrific burn-like mark on my thigh.

It completely slipped my mind when the physio taped up my hip last week.

I couldn’t work out why the skin has been so sore ever since, until I glimpsed myself in the mirror after having a bath last night.

I have this massive X-shaped red mark on my skin from the tape. It will be there for weeks. And it stings like sunburn.

It’s nothing compared to the hell the youngest is experiencing – her eczema has spiralled totally out of control and she’s miserable from the itching, the soreness and the blood all over her sheets from the scratching. She sobbed in pain on Saturday night as I treated some of the worst of it with cortisone.

I’m currently Googling “adolescent eczema dermatologist sydney”. Poor, poor little thing.

And then, just to top things off, I woke up yesterday feeling a bit crook. Tired, blocked nose, sore throat. So no pump class or cawfee for me. I hate missing out on my Sunday morning rituals.

Fortunately, the weekend ended on a high note – my sister fed her poorly sibling steak and salad for dinner and gave me a few laughs. Bless her. Then I wobbled home to bed.

Hope you had a great weekend. Good luck with your Monday!

Song of the day: ABBA “Super Trouper”





5 thoughts on “So near and yet so far

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  1. I am completely empathising with your youngest. I had eczema all my life and have finally kicked it at the age of 47. I spent years trying everything under the sun – conventional and alternative. Would love to chat to you about it and pass on all my remedies that helped… can we organise that? And let me tell you that she will be tough. Although it was unpleasant, I am a bloody tough cookie now. 🙂

      1. Feel better soon!! Email me when you’re up for it and we can organise a chat. #biglove xx

  2. I loved Mamamia here we go again. Laughed and sang through it. I think it is heaps better than the first movie.
    Eczema is not fun. Only advise I could give you, is check her food allergies, but you have probably been down that track. Hoping you find an answer soon for your daughter.

    1. ABBA songs are the best! We have tried every elimination under the sun with no results. And blood and scratch tests have only revealed nuts. I hope we sort it out soon too, poor thing

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